Burgers Vs Pies: Which comes out on top?!

The Great Debate: Why Pies Reign Supreme Over Burgers in Every Way
In the realm of comfort foods, few rival the enduring popularity of pies and burgers. While both offer savoury satisfaction, there are compelling reasons why pies emerge as the victors in this culinary clash. Let's dig into why pies deserve the crown 🥧👑
1. Versatility of Fillings
Pies: The humble pie is a canvas of endless possibilities. From succulent meats to vibrant vegetables, pies offer versatility in fillings that surpasses the limitations of a simple burger patty. Whether savoury or sweet, the range of flavours encased in flaky pastry knows no bounds!
Burgers: While burgers have their charm, their core is often centred around a meat patty (or vegetarian substitute) nestled between two buns. Though variations exist, the scope for creative fillings is far more limited compared to the expansive world of pies!
2. Comforting Crusts
Pies: Ah, the quintessential pie crust—flaky, buttery, and a perfect complement to the fillings within. The texture and taste of a well-crafted pastry crust offer a comforting embrace that makes the entire pie-eating experience!
Burgers: While buns provide a sturdy enclosure for the burger, they often lack the intricate layers and nuanced flavours of a meticulously prepared pie crust. A bun can sometimes crumble or become soggy, compromising the overall burger experience - no one wants a soggy bun!
3. Nostalgia and Tradition
Pies: Pies are steeped in tradition, often tied to fond memories of family gatherings, celebrations, and cultural heritage. The aroma of a baking pie can evoke a sense of nostalgia and warmth unlike any other culinary delight!
Burgers: Burgers certainly have their place in the hearts of many, often associated with casual dining, fast food joints, and social gatherings. However, they certainly lack the sentimental depth and cultural resonance that pies inherently possess.
So, where are we now? Ah yes, Pies 3, Burgers 0 🤣🤣🤣
4. Culinary Craftsmanship
Pies: The artistry of pie-making requires meticulous attention to detail - from perfectly rolled pastry to balanced fillings. Bakers pour their expertise and passion into each pie, ensuring a harmonious marriage of flavours and textures (you should watch our chefs work their magic in the Chunk kitchen!)
Burgers: While burgers can be crafted with skill and precision, the assembly process might not involve the same level of intricate detail that goes into pie-making, where each layer contributes to the symphony of taste.
cheeseburger pie
In the grand battle of pies versus burgers, the virtues of pies emerge triumphantly. Their versatility, crumbly crusts, cultural significance, and the artistry involved in their creation place them on a pedestal above the humble burger. That said, both options are up there with the most scrumptious grub served up at the pub!
Now, don't get us wrong, we love a burger from time to time - we even put one in a pie (the Cheeseburger Pie is not one to miss!). But given the choice, we know which dish has pride of place on our tables and in our hearts ❤️❤️❤️
go on - take a Chunk!