Chicken and Chorizo Pasty

With it looking unlikely that we’ll be able to escape the rain and grey skies for blue skies and sunshine this year, let the great British weather do what it does and we’ll work with it! 
International travel has opened up but with a load of amber and red warnings on where to travel to and what to do when you’s looking like another staycation summer ahead of us.
🙌🏻 YAY! 🙌🏻 ..pubs and restaurants are open for business - they've had a SUPER tough time the past year, let's support them.
But when you’re entertaining at home with friends and family (COZ WE CAN 😆) why not bring in a welcome taste of a Spanish summer holiday with our Chicken and Chorizo Pasty.  Makes for a fantastic picnic pasty or why not make it part of your barbeque...coleslaw, salad chunky chips...and a nice glass of red! Perfect...



There are mainly two types of Chorizo - Spanish and Mexican. The one you’ll most often see in deli’s and supermarkets here in the UK, is the Spanish Chorizo. 
The Spanish version is fully cooked or semi-cured and the Mexican is raw and fresh - uncooked, seasoned with chillies it looks green when raw.
Spanish chorizo comes in smoked and unsmoked varieties that range from mild to very spicy. It always contains smoked paprika which gives it a distinctive colour and flavour.
Chorizo is such a fantastic ingredient to cook with. Ok - so it’s pretty high in fat and calories...but it’s low carb and does taste just awesome! 


There are a bucket load of great recipes for using Chorizo, from tapas, paellas to casseroles and tray bakes. But here at Chunk we’ve created our own Chicken and Chorizo pasty recipe using some of the finest Spanish chorizo, cut into chunks (of course !) and tumbled into a fabulous mix of tender chicken breast, potato, red pepper, a delicious salsa with red onion and a dash of smoked to make this a really succulent pasty.

chicken and chorizo pasty hand made by Chunk of Devon with a glass of red wine


Winner of a Platinum Food & Drink Devon award, our Chicken & Chorizo pasty is truly outstanding. 
And if you’re never certain how to pronounce Chorizo, try saying it as  ‘Chor-reeth-o’