Cracking Creme Egg Pies

Creme Egg Pie, anybody?
With Easter approaching, it's officially chocolate and hot cross bun season. And there’s no snack more decadent than a Creme Egg. Well, nothing that is, except a Creme Egg pie!

Go on take a guess - how many Creme Eggs are produced each year?
Studies have shown Cadbury produces an astounding amount of Creme Eggs each year. It's estimated that over 500 million Creme Eggs are made annually. That's a lot of gooey goodness!

The gooey filling inside the Cadbury Creme Egg has remained the same since its introduction in 1971. It's a sweet fondant mixture designed to mimic the appearance of a real egg white and yolk. It's an Easter classic if you ask us! And a cracking recipe for an Easter pie.
 A chocolate sweet pastry pie filled with a Cadburys Creme Egg. Placed on a golden cake stand, cut open and oozing the gooey filling. Surrounded by mini Cadbury Creme Eggs. Happy Easter!
Imagine buttery chocolate pastry stuffed full of chocolate brownie filling, chocolate mini eggs and a cheeky Creme Egg with that sumptuous sugary goo! Some lucky people will be able to do more than just imagine it shortly – we’ll be making a very small batch of these indulgent pies to send out at random! If you place an order this week or next then you’ll be automatically entered into the prize draw and you could win a cracking gold-wrapped chocolate pie.
creme egg pie
Here's a close up of the gooey, chocolately filling 👀 - a dream for Creme Egg fans!
We’re not yolking!! If you want to be in with a chance of winning one of these ridiculously egg-stravagant treats to devour yourself or share (or gift if you can resist!), then get shopping!