Father’s Day Incoming

We’re approaching Father’s Day again and the countdown is on to find the dads in your life something to show they’re appreciated!
We’ve had a look into how and why Dads are celebrated everywhere. A day for celebrating fathers and forefathers is universal, albeit in different ways and at different times throughout the year.
When did it start?
We decided to have a look at what people do to celebrate Dads around the world and have discovered lots of weird and wonderful traditions we didn’t know about! It’s not everywhere people present Dads with cards, pressies and lunch in June.
🧢In many Catholic European countries, Father’s Day has been celebrated on 19 March as Saint Joseph's Day since the Middle Ages. Here Jesus’ Dad is celebrated (as well as other fathers). In Italy, St. Joseph’s Day means donkey races!
🧢While donkeys are exercised in Italy, it’s the Dads that do the racing through Mexico City.
🧢In the Nordic countries spending time as a family is important.
🧢In Germany, they know how to celebrate! ‘Vatertag’ is a national holiday and obligatory activities include outdoors pursuits such as hiking with pop, beer and ham.
🧢Now in Thailand, instead of gifts or cards, the Thai present flowers to their dads on one day of the year 🌺 Canna lilies to be exact.
canna flower
🧢In Taiwan the date chosen to celebrate dads is very simple - 8 is pronounced “ba” and therefore the 8th of the 8th month is the one for fathers to be recognised!
🧢Bulgarians celebrate it twice (and why not?!)
However you’re celebrating, we hope you have a cracking day with the old man!
Celebrate with Pie 🥧
Since most men (well, all people really!) are happier with a full stomach, we think Pie is something Dad would love for Father’s Day this year. Our Father’s Day box has a whopping Steak & Ale pie (enough to feed the family!) with hand-crafted ‘Dad’ lettering, along with a tasty Apple Pie pud for everyone and a flaky sausage roll to pop in the fridge for lunch. Grab one now to be sent week of 12th June.
go on - take a Chunk!