Giant Pasties

This is the one that SO many people have asked for!

Here it is  - The Giant Pasty Box - Six of the very best Giant Steak Pasties. Ready to eat or heat them up at home for a real pasty pleasure!

This pasty is made using the same steak recipe as our award winner. Great British beef skirt, potato, swede (turnip) and onion with just the right amount of seasoning- but it weighs in at around 440g. 

(If you work in the pounds and ounces 😆...that's very nearly a pound)

These Giant Pasties are a legend in their own half time.  Thousands are served to soak up the ubiquitous pint of Otter at the Exeter Chiefs matches at Sandy Park.  We reckon it’s the lucky pasty, as for eight years we've been part of the menu at Chiefs, and have seen them grow from a West Country novelty club to a premiership hero!  

Enjoyed by fans and players, and of course it's always great to hear BT Sport commentators talk about how much they enjoy Sandy Park and the PASTIES!

During the season (normally!) you’ll be able to find our large grass covered trailer on site ready to provide the giant pasty to hungry fans, washed down with a pint of Otter Ale - it’s all part of the day!

We’ve really missed these events, and we’re looking forward to the opening up of the stadiums very soon.

But until then, order your Giant pasties from us - get them in ready for the matches and enjoy in the comfort of your own home..