Identify Your Pie

Ever wondered how the team at Chunk know which pie and pasty is which….? Well, it’s all in the markings on the top of the pastry.

Each has their own identifying squiggle – or tag as we refer to them. 
New team members get to know these pretty quickly – part of the training!
But if you put your pie in the oven, recycled that packaging and now have no idea which is which…checkout the PIE ID below. It really will help!
But what exactly is the PIE ID, you ask? Well, it's our handy-dandy guide which we have created showing you all our “Chunk Tags”. It's the cheat code to figuring out your pastry puzzles. With just a glance, you can crack the code and uncover the delicious secrets hidden beneath those golden crusts.
And hey, don't worry if you're new to the Chunk family. We've got you covered with our top-notch training program. In no time, you'll be the master of “Chunk Tags”, impressing friends and family with your pie knowledge!
Why not test your knowledge on the next pie night, will it be a Steak and Kidney? Or a Spicy Jack Pie? We say both are delicious and we will have both 🍴!
Here is our breakdown of the graphic we have created above, it never hurts to test our knowledge!
Let's start strong with pasties:

Chunk Pasties

Chunk Tag

Steak Pasty


Chicken & Chorizo Pasty


Lamb Maroc Pasty

3 Lines

Pork Scrumpy Pasty

Line Each End

Steak & Blue Pasty

Wiggly Line

Chunki Roast Veg Pasty


Chedder & Onion Pasty


We can’t forget our famous pies now, can we?

Chunk Pies

Chunk Tag

Ultimate Steak Pie


Steak and Stilton Pie


Sheep Pie

3 Lines

Kickin’ Chicken Pie

Nigella Seeds

Butternut Squash & Goats Cheese Pie


Steak & Ale Pie


Steak and Kidney Pie

1 Line

Chicken & Bacon Pie


Chicken & Mushroom

2 Lines

Spicy Jack Pie

Fennel Seeds



We hear you asking about the sausage rolls and pork pies too!

Chunk Goodies

Chunk Tag

Original Chunki Sausage Roll


Pork and Chorizo Sausage Roll


Pork & Scrumpy Sausage Roll


Pork, Chicken and Ham Pork Pie


Pork Pie


Simple right? Next time you are cooking for the whole family and get all the pies mixed up, whip out our PIE ID chart and let it solve all your problems.
Go on - take a Chunk!