A Christmas pie that is a real winter warmer!

We were looking to create a winter pie that gave a real food hug, our Venison pie has ticked that box!

We created this recipe in 2018, when having a chat with the team and jokingly talking about having a Reindeer Pie, someone mentioned calling it Rudolph...surprisingly this was voted against!  😆

Not many reindeer here in East Devon, but MC Kelly in Crediton have a deer farm. An award winning butchers whose farm is about 20 miles from us here in Ottery St. Mary, Elston, Crediton, where they farm free range venison. Pretty much as local as we can get. In a beautiful setting benefitting from the climate here in South West Devon, perfect amounts of rain and sunshine to grow luxurious grass for the deer to graze. The best place to source our venison. 

Our recipe evolved over a few weeks until we came up with the (deer we say it..!? ouch... ) the perfect pie. Using venison from MC Kelly, some bacon chunks, a few chestnut mushrooms. We added in a good splosh of port and a few crushed juniper berries. Then to give it a real depth of flavour a sprinkling of Sur Del Lago 100% pure Cacao...Thank you to Willies Cacao. (Cullompton).

🙌🏻 (Here’s a top tip for any red meat stew recipe - especially a chilli...add a little cacao - takes it to another level!) 👍🏼

With a tasty rich gravy, wrapped in our own handmade buttery shortcrust pastry, this pie really does deliver the food hug we are all looking for ! To help identify it - what better way than to be topped with a little pastry star! We've had fun tweaking the recipe and sampling this pie we're all really pleased with the final result.
We’re not the only ones who agree. It's since been the winner of several top awards - Great Taste Award, British Pie Award and Taste of the West Award. 

A Few Tasty Venison Facts! 

1. Venison meat is a fantastic source of high quality protein, containing all the essential amino acids our bodies can’t make on their own, so an amazing way to support our immune system.

2. Lower in saturated fats than other red meat, so a great swap, especially at Christmas for beef. Just ideal served with a tasty roasted root mash and a generous helping of gravy. 

3. A good source of iron. Venison contains haem iron, which is generally absorbed very efficiently by our bodies. Eating a little venison is a really good way to top up your iron levels. 

4. Also a good source of zinc, which, again, is an important nutrient for our immune system and helps keep our skin healthy. 

5. Vitamin B. Venison is packed with loads of vitamins, including B12 & B6 - both of which are really important for the health of your brain! SO don’t skimp on those, as it can also affect your mood… 

And just in case you needed any further encouragement, here’s what some of our fans had to say about it:

  • Highly recommended - were all lovely. - Laura C 

  • Could not fault the service or the product, perfect as always. - Margaret S 

  • I have tried the pasties before and they were good quality and now I am trying the festive pies and they do not disappoint. I will be trying some more of the products on offer in the future. The delivery was quick and I did not have to wait long for my order. - Ruth N 

  • Absolutely beautiful. Will be reordering this!!! - David C

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