Meet our Meat - From Farm to Fork

Take a closer look at how we select and source ingredients from local farms and producers to ensure freshness and tip-top quality! It’s also important for us to use local produce wherever we can for both environmental and welfare reasons.

All meat that we use in the Chunk kitchen is fully traceable from accredited farms and operations. We work closely with our suppliers to ensure meat for Chunk products is superbly prepared. Wherever and whenever possible, we use local suppliers and British produce 🇬🇧
Our beef comes from RJ Trevarthen down in Cornwall.
RJ Trevarthen have the following declaration on their website:
We only supply the best quality meat, reared by local farmers who are passionate about sustainable ethical agriculture, animal welfare, and traditional farming.”
They champion supporting smaller local farms with traditional farming methods that have animal welfare at their heart. All their meat is raised locally and expertly butchered at Trevarthen’s to the highest standards. RJ Trevarthen deliver to us at Chunk HQ and it is put straight into our pie mixes by the hunks in the kitchen.
Our multi-award-winning steak pasties are stuffed full of perfectly seasoned beef skirt, with swede and potato. We wouldn’t dream of using any other cut of beef in a pasty!! All our beef skirt (we go through a lot of the stuff!) and chuck steak all hails from the wonderful West Country too.
Chunki Sausage roll - Chunk of Devon
Pork 🐷🐷🐷 our scrumptious Chunki sausage rolls and squealer pork pies are made with local pork from Devon, down the road.
Our Sheep Pie, one of Director Simon’s favourite bakes, is a recipe that includes a mix of lamb and mutton alongside peas, swede, carrot and a little mint with superb redcurrant gravy.
Inside this tasty pie, you’ll find local Devon moorland ‘Hogget and Mutton’, fundamentally because it is more flavoursome!
Our special limited-edition pies always use premium ingredients. The Venison in our Venison & Port Pie and the duck for our quacking Duckin’ Pie are from our lovely county. Our Posh Fish pie 🐟 (we can’t wait for this to be made again this year!) uses locally caught fish!
The butter and lard we use to create our utterly delicious crisp pastry is always British (sometimes it hails from Ireland – they do make good butter!)
Naturally based in Devon, our milk and cream is local, no corner cutting just full-fat milk and double cream from the best local suppliers.
Our sourcing policy focuses on a 50 mile radius of the factory (but the closer, the better!). For the purposes of sourcing we view the West Country as defined by a line broadly from the Severn Bridge to Bournemouth Pier.
We're proud to say we're keeping it local!
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