NEW Selection Box

SImon vs Suzi.

Simon Says:
“So it's war. My wife has challenged me to a pie box war…. 
 I should say there are no winners but the customers, but pride is at stake.  Suzi would not naturally choose to eat a lamb pie whereas I think it's just a sensation!
So she has picked all sorts of other bits and pieces.  It really is now pie war to see who has the better taste.  You decide.  She wanted to sneak a bit of cake into the pack to up her chances ….needless to say this has been disallowed.
I look like a more traditional pie eater, as I am, shall we say large framed, she looks like a stick insect with clothes.
I always say to people that she can probably challenge most people under the table in a pie eating competition, despite her appearance.
Suzi Says:
“It’s not a war! 
Living in a household with all boys (we have two sons…) I’ve become very used to competition and the ongoing competitive nature of the boys has obviously rubbed off on me. This is all it is, a healthy competition. Of course!  I don't like to lose.   But who does!😉
By the way ….for the record I’m not skinny, but I do love a pie and a pasty,  especially the crust!
Although I'm not a veggie, I do love veggie foods. You’ll see that from my selection. The Roast Veg Pasty is and always will be my absolute fav pasty. Since we’ve wrapped it in a wholemeal shortcrust - it has just made it better! 
My selection is ideal for all the family, (a bit of cake would have made it perfect)”
Food Drink Devon Awards - Simon and Suzi of Chunk with Sharon Mann and Nigel Barden
Simon (left) & Suzi(centre right) with Nigel Barden and Sharon Mann at the Food Drink Devon Awards
So the founders of Chunk have laid down the challenge! 
Which will be the winner - The NEW Suzi Selection Box or the Simon Selection Box, which has already a proven track record of being super popular with our customers with many 5 star reviews including:
Andrew H.*****
Best pies. Great tastes, all of them. Definitely ordering again soon.
Stuart E.*****
Delicious selection of pies. Had the steak mushroom and Stilton for -Stilton for lunch . Lovely. Pork pie the other day. Excellent.
Over to you ...what do you - our lovely pie eating customers think!
(BTW ...Simon and Suzi have been married for 32 years ...don’t worry - they’re unlikely to fall out over this one!)