Pork and Cider Pasty

The West Country… Devon in particular is known best for its gently rolling hills, beautiful red devon earth, cream teas and of course CIDER. 👍🏼

It was obvious we needed to find a recipe to include this highly West Country popular drink and the right cider to use. 🍺

Just like wine, cider goes particularly well with certain food types that bring out the best in the drink and the food. If you like pork with apple sauce, then you have the idea. And indeed, pork is an excellent meat to enjoy with a good cider.
If you fancy yourself as a cook then cider is a great ingredient for sauces in casseroles and light stews. Especially with pork sausages and of course medallions of a really good pork.
The recipe wasn’t too difficult and finding the right cider we knew wouldn’t be too hard either. 

Devon has a huge variety of amazing food and drink producers, just take a look at the Food Drink Devon website to see the variety and quality of these artisan producers.

🤪 After tasting a selection of different ciders we were delighted to say the favorite was very local to us!
We have teamed up with the guys at Sandford Orchards and put a good glug of their finest Devon Scrumpy into our pork and apple pasty.


The recipe for the Pork and Scrumpy Pasty is a fantastic combination of diced leg of pork (free range of course) apple, chunks of potato and swede, then steeped in sweet Scrumpy from our friends at Sandford Orchards and a sprinkling of herbs, then hand crimped in our thin shortcrust pastry.
Another award winning pasty - Great Taste, British Pie and Food Drink Devon. 

This year our summer is still looking very much like we’re staycationing (is that even a word…?) and a lot of people will be heading to Devon.

Find a great pub garden, or checkout one of these fabulous farm shops (see below a few Chunk stockists) and get a picnic packed.

Powderham Farm Shop
Darts Farm
Stokeley Farm Shop
Johns of Appledore & Instow
Fordmore Farm Shop
Lyecross Farm Shop

Or if you’re planning to stay home - just order online and picnic in the garden! 
Relax, the sun 🌤 is out (we hope) and there's nothing quite like a pint of Devon cider and a pasty or pie!

festival girl with pork and scrumpy cider - chunk of devon