The Best Chicken Pie

This is a hugely popular pie ! - The Chicken, Leek and Bacon Pie.

This is one of those traditional recipes that has been a firm favourite for so many people.

This pie for us is a top seller - that's why it was a close runner up to the Steak & Ale pie in our pie of the week competition.

We pack these pies with real chicken (don’t be fooled by pies that use processed chicken!) Our chicken is sourced as locally as possible and is always, as a minimum standard, Red Tractor. It’s important that we use both chicken breast and chicken thigh - breast meat for show and thigh for flavour!  Is one of our phrases….take of that what you will ! It does make a difference. 

We’re all about the flavours here at Chunk - a great pie that tastes great!

First we fry off the chunks of smoked bacon in a little oil, then add the onions to the pan, moving them around for a few minutes so the flavour of the bacon really gets into those onions, just until they soften.

Take out the onions and bacon from the pan and place them in a large lidded holding tray.

Now we add another few glugs of oil, and fry off the chicken chunks, then in go the onions and bacon with the chicken. 

Then we add some chicken bouillon to the mix…(a chunk recipe this one😉..) let this bubble away till the chicken is cooked through. 

Then finally, in go the lovely leeks and of course double cream, followed by a little seasoning. 

Top Tip: make sure you wash the leeks well!

We leave this tasty fill to chill down in our big fridges (blast chillers) that get the temperature of the fill cold super fast.

Finally - when the fill is chilled (nice little rhyme here!😁 ) - it's time to fill the buttery short crust pastry pie case. Pop on the pastry lid, the team mark the pies with a special mix so anyone can identify them. The chicken, leek and bacon pie has a mark that looks like and 'H"

Into the oven for approx 30-40 minutes ...Pie Done!

A truly tasty pie - serve up with a few fresh veggies, maybe a nice root smash or fries….mmm! The whole family will be satisfied, which is great news!

Order a box of 8 or 12 - these are just ideal to freeze:- 


No additives or fake flavouring in this pie - tasty, special and natural.

Winner of Great Taste Awards. So tasty - a member of our team would hide them in his drawer for his lunch break!