The Shed coming to Exeter City Center

Bit of an update!

The Chunk Shed is no longer in Exeter and we hope to find another great location for it... but until we can tell you where and when, why not check out the
Chunk Ugly Trailer here in Ottery.
Open on ONLY on Fridays from 10am - 2pm 

Grab yourself some Hot or Cold Pies and Pasties!
Plus pick up a few tasty cakes from our sister bakery - Baked to Taste.
(did we mention they just happen to be gluten free..?)

Coming soon to the Guildhall, Exeter City Center, The Shed selling Chunk pies and pasties to lucky Devon locals and holidaymakers. 
Mark Murrin and his team will be in the shed (aptly named The Shed 😝) come rain or shine to serve baked goods to lunchbreak lovelies and retail ramblers with a big smile! We shall call them the Chunk Shed hunks! 

On the Menu

Open 08:30–1630 (opening 10.30 Sunday). The Shed will be serving all manner of Devon delights. Grab one of our award-winning pies and pasties, along with drinks (hot or cold), sweet treats and other snacks 🍰

Devon Pasties All the Way

Among the multitude of Chunk pasty varieties served at The Shed, our multi-award-winning Steak Pasty will be a unique offering to Exeter.
Here’s what Mark, owner of The Shed, has to say on the matter, "If you look around Exeter high street it's only Cornish pasties that you can buy, and there's also a Bristol-based company. What we serve is premium local produce and there is a big difference between Cornish and Devon pasties. Our pasties are not crimped on top and instead of the meat being layered we mix it in.”
"We will be selling our fresh Devon food alongside other amazing producers here in Devon like Devonshire tea, Luscombe Drinks, Baked to Taste gluten-free products and Burt’s Crisps. You will get the best of Devon here!
"We want to become a destination where people know there will get really good quality local food. It's about bringing the best of Devon to the city of Devon."
If you’re nearby, we suggest you pop over to say hi and get yourself a tasty morsel 👋

go on - take a chunk!