Top tips for a pleasing party platter

A grazing board or party platter is all the rage nowadays. But creating a pleasing centrepiece that everyone will enjoy (that doesn’t take all day!) is not as straightforward as it seems. Here are some pointers so ANYONE can build a beautiful spread that will satisfy guests!

  1. Colour – don’t shy away from colour and add lots of fruits and veg (just group the colours together so it’s more platter and less splatter)
  2. Have a theme in mind before you start throwing meat and strawberries on the tray – have a vague plan for where each colour is going be when you're done.
  3. Shapes – like any piece of artwork, create shapes and patterns using foods you can slice like cheese or fruit or by arranging crackers
  4. Just add pastry – include some filling bits to make sure guests don’t go hungry (cue sausage rolls, veggie rolls and pork pies! Our picnic selection is a great addition to a sharing board)
  5. You can never have enough cheese 🧀 if in doubt, add some more!
  6. Mind the gap – fill any gaps with itty bitty foods like nuts, olives and berries 🍓
  7. Flower power / greenery – just pop a few small flowers or greenery on top for the finishing touch to make any old assembly beautiful!

grazing summer party platter with pork pies, cheese, salad

And there you have it, an idiot's guide to platter-ing. Now get building and enjoy!


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