Vegan Pies and Pasties

We’ve always been aware that not everybody wanted meat, being a lover of veggie foods (but not a vegetarian) we were keen to see what we could create. This Veganuary we present four fabulous Vegan recipes two of each in the box - including our newest the Cheatin’ Cheeze Pasty. 

If you’re not sure where to start, where better than serving up an awesome Vegan pie or pasty. Here is our NEW Vegan Selection Box. 

Eight items - four pies and four pasties.

Way back in 2009, it seemed the only option for a vegetarian choice was a cheese and onion pasty, never an inspiring option, but that was how it was. How difficult could it be to make a really naturally tasty veggie pasty?….Chunk were on it!

We created a recipe that, still today remains a firm favourite, our Chunki Roast Veg Pasty. A fabulous mix of roasted (says it in the name!) butternut squash, sweet potato, potato and red onion. Tumbled with some herbs and wrapped in a great whole wheat pastry, is just packed with flavour. 

Then three years ago we made the change across all our pies and pasties from egg glaze to a pea glaze, which meant our Veggie pasty became Vegan. At the time it was “ p.s. its Vegan” as SO many people were put off by the Vegan title, but of course now, we celebrate this!

Winner of some serious awards over the years...including Gold at 2020 Taste of the West, and runner up in the Vegan category - alongside our Vegan pie - the Spicy Jack. This pasty is truly a best seller and rightly so.

But that's not the only great Vegan option we have for you!...How about its top rival - the Spicy Jack Pie - feels like a mighty meaty eat, but it’s Vegan - Yay! Chunks of jackfruit cooked with more veg and coconut milk, with a blend of spices - this Vegan pie is super tasty...oh and wrapped in a wholewheat pastry too.

    Started as a seasonal recipe - but proved a real hit so we’ve added it to our standard menu. If you’ve not tried this yet - checkout some of the reviews...

      Yep - we’ve done it! - A Cheezy vegan pasty to challenge any other cheese pasty. We've taken our already tasty cheddar and onion pasty mix and replaced the cheddar with a vegan dairy free alternative...wrapped in a vegan puff pastry - topped with sprinkling of herbs. We are certain you won’t know the difference.

      So if you're trying Vegan this Veganuary ...go on -  take a chunk! 😉