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Pliny thought they were good for the complexion, Casanova believed they boosted the libido, Romans feasted on them as a delicacy… and so we felt it was high time for oysters to do a star turn for this year’s British Pie Week (7-13th March). Our dedicated Chunk of Devon hunks have been cooking up a treat and have come up with an amazing Steak and Oyster Pie that we feel wouldn’t be out of place on a Rick Stein menu.

Oysters have been around for thousands of years, and were revered by the Romans as a delicacy for the rich. By the Victorian times, however, they were so prolific they were considered the food of the poor, often packing out steak pies in order to make for a cheaper product. Over the years, oysters became scarcer and once more regained their position as a delicacy confined to the tables of the rich and famous, with steak & kidney pie rising once more to the top of the pies for a delicious, cheaper filling.

As a special treat for British Pie Week, we will be bringing this Victorian treat back into fashion with the masses thanks to our sumptuous Steak & Oyster Pie. Chunk owner and chief hunk, Simon Bryon-Edmond says: “Oysters are often considered food for the rich, but we wanted to bring this Victorian favourite back into production. Oysters are about the healthiest food you can eat in terms of nutritional value, as they contain a balance of protein, vitamins and minerals. They are also great for low-cholesterol diets as well as being good for the environment – farmed oysters clean the water, remove nitrogen, enhance water clarity, promote eelgrass survival, and provide excellent habitat for myriad juvenile fish and crustaceans.

“But what’s more, when combined in our special gravy and choice cuts of beef, we hope our new Steak and Oyster Pie will encourage more people to eat these delicious and nutritious molluscs.”

Simon’s background in catering has given him a real desire to create a range of products that would challenge the stereotype of the unhealthy, stodgy pie. As a result of this, we are proud that Chunk products frequently come away with a gamut of food awards, now with over 70 illustrious accolades – including multiple Great Taste, British Pie, Taste of the West Awards, Food & Drink Devon & EBLEX awards. Featuring loads of quality ingredients, such as great West Country meat, slow-cooked in our own home-made stock and wrapped in a golden, buttery pastry – Chunk pies are how they should be… tasty, simple and natural. We hope you enjoy our Steak and Oyster Pie just as much as our other pies, pasties and savoury snacks.

  • David Denness
    Posted at 13:41h, 21 June

    Please put cooking/reheating instructions for your pies pasties etc on your website!

  • Suzi Bryon-Edmond
    Posted at 11:33h, 13 July

    Hello David,
    Good point. It can often be the case that you can be too close to something to notice what is wrong…I will remedy this issue – won’t be a overnight fix but on my list of to do’s for the site.
    Thanks for the comment.
    Kind regards

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