Glas-Denbury 2016

13 Jul Glas-Denbury 2016

Our Chunk grass covered trailer will be at Glas-Denbury from 15th – 17th July. Offering our tasty pies and pasties either as a grab and go – or choose to have them with served with chips in our £5.00 Meal Deal….

Glas-Denbury is a magical family friendly music festival held in a beautiful Devon setting, run independantly by a group of people who are so committed and passionate about creating a little piece of magic for everyone, whether you are a seasoned festival addict or are just dipping your toes in the festival scene!  They handpick some of the South West’s best artists and bands, giving a platform to them that they may not have had before, whilst also bringing in fabulous and quirky artists from all over the UK to entertain and surprise!  Breaking the boundaries between audience and performers – as it is ultimately the artists and the audience that create the festival!

Whether you are a family with young children, a family with teenagers, or a group of adults who just want to leave the children at home and come and party, then there really is something for all. There will be have loads of fabulous children’s entertainment, activities, teen areas, poets, crafts, climbing walls, inflatables, workshops, hula hoop workshops and much more throughout the weekend. 

So come and see why everyone’s talking about Glas-Denbury and join in with all your family at this friendly little festival; dance in the daisies, sing in the sunshine and shake your glittery hips!


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