Homity Pie is a real Winner!

10 Sep Homity Pie is a real Winner!

The Homity Pie. Not everyone has heard of this pie and it’s not clear where this fab pie got its name. It’s likely that the Homity Pie originated during the 1940s and was invented by the ‘Land Girls’ during the Dig For Victory times, which makes for logical heritage, as the recipe would have been a great way to create a filling, economical and very tasty dish.

Our Chunk Homity Pie has been a real favourite of ours and one of the best selling pies for several years now. You could ask if this is such popular pie – why change? Well at Chunk we are always looking for ways to improve our pies and pasties. We constantly check our products (tough job…!) checking they taste how they should….can we add anything – or take anything away to improve it.

Following the success of our Chunki Roast Veg pasty and the introduction of the wholemeal flour to the this pasties pastry, we thought we’d tweak our Homity Pie and give it a real wholesome pastry too. 

With the added tasty wholemeal flour to our shortcrust pastry and the addition of  a little more cheese…(love cheese!), the Homity is now a real winner!

The judges at the 2018 Great Taste Awards thought so too….awarding it a 2 Star Gold – above & beyond delicious!

Here are some of the judges comments:-

  • “A Rustic no nonsense pie – just like your Grandma would make”
  • “….like a cheese toastie pie. The pastry is crisp & short, this pie has big attitude”
  • “We all loved the richness of the cheese & satisfying nature of the pie”
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