Why eat food that's in season?

A Reason for Seasonal Cooking
There’s something very satisfying about cooking with and enjoying food that’s in season, not to mention it’s friendlier on the purse strings 💷  (who still has a purse with strings, anyone?!). We could bang on about the advantages of eating seasonal produce for hours, but we’ll try and be succinct! Because, sticking with seasonal goods:
    • Boosts the local economy and reduces air miles – helps keep those emissions down and supports local farmers (pat on the back)
    • Food is fresher, not having travelled around the world, and therefore tastier!
    • It’s good for you! Our bodies crave different nutrients at different times of the year and eating food that is in season provides the variety of good things we need - very clever 🤓
So what should we be eating this time of year (as well as pastry, of course)?
Our Seasonal Picks for Spring
As the world wakes up from its winter slumber, spring introduces a burst of freshness and colour to your meals. Lets dive in!

Asparagus: It’s crisp and tender and can transform a dish! These green spears are a springtime sensation.

Radishes: Add a pop of peppery goodness to your salads and a subtle crunch!

Rhubarb: Tangy and versatile, rhubarb is a spring superstar and makes so many yummy dishes.

Purple Sprouting Broccoli: A nutritious and flavourful addition to your plate.

Lamb: Embrace the season with succulent lamb dishes like our Sheep Pie and Lamb Maroc pasty.

And let's not forget the classics like leeks, chicken, and the vibrant crunch of watercress. Springtime is about embracing the freshness of the season, whether you're soaking up the sunshine or dancing in the spring rain.

Our Seasonal Picks for Summer

Summer is when the bursts of flavour come in! Let the summer feast begin!

Tomatoes: The Stars of the Summer Salad 🍅

Tomatoes take center stage in the summer, transitioning from mere ingredients to the stars of your salads, Caprese creations, and vibrant salsas. Whether they're cherry, heirloom, or beefsteak, tomatoes are the essence of summer on your plate.

Sweetcorn: Sunshine on a Cob 🌽

With its golden kernels, embodies the essence of summer. Grill it, boil it, or enjoy it on the cob – corn brings a touch of sunshine to your summer barbecues and picnics.

Summer Herbs: Why not try basil and mint for a symphony of freshness 🌿

Basil and mint summer herbs bring a symphony of freshness to your dishes. Pesto, herb-infused salads, and refreshing drinks are just a few ways to showcase the brilliance of summer herbs.

You can’t forget the classics, romaine lettuce, cucumber, spring onions, avocado and of course whatever else you are feeling! We think creating a zestful salad filled with all the summer goodness is the perfect accompaniment to our Chicken and Chorizo pasties!

Our Seasonal Picks for Autumn

As the vibrant hues of summer gracefully transition into the warm tones of autumn, your plate becomes a canvas for the rich, earthy flavours of the season. Welcome to the autumn harvest, where each bite is a celebration of cosy warmth and seasonal heaven.
Mushrooms: Hold a rich and earthy flavour which complements the autumnal harvest! Perfect for creating warm hearty dishes.

Butternut squash: The rich velvety texture is paired deliciously with the sweet and nutty flavour which embodies the essence of the season.

Brussel sprouts: These are a versatile and nutritious addition to autumnal cooking, offering a burst of flavour and a wealth of health benefits.

Potatoes: These offer a hearty and warming addition to a variety of dishes.
Whether roasted to golden perfection, mashed into creamy goodness, or added on the side of a Chunk Pie, potatoes bring a satisfying earthiness to fall meals.

Our Seasonal Picks for Winter

Where comfort food is essential!

Root Vegetables: Each bring their own unique earthy elegance to winter dishes. From potatoes and carrots to parsnips and turnips, these veggies are the backbone of winter comfort food. Perfect partner in crime with a chunk of devon pie!

Dark Leafy Greens: Nutrient-Packed Goodness

Whether its kale, Swiss chard, or spinach these are all perfect accompaniments in the cool winter months, offering a powerhouse of nutrients and a versatile addition to soups, stews, and hearty winter salads.
Game Meats: Winter's Robust Fare
Winter invites you to indulge in heartier fare. Game meats such as venison and hearty pies featuring lamb or beef bring a robust and satisfying dimension to your winter table!
Seasonal Vegetables
If it's cold and dreary outside, then grab a pie from the freezer and steam some cauliflower, spinach or purple sprouting broccoli. Delish!

go on - take a Chunk!