Why eat food that's in season?

A Reason for Seasonal Cooking
There’s something very satisfying about cooking with and enjoying food that’s in season, not to mention it’s friendlier on the purse strings 💷  (who still has a purse with strings, anyone?!). We could bang on about the advantages of eating seasonal produce for hours, but we’ll try and be succinct! Because, sticking with seasonal goods:
    • Boosts the local economy and reduces air miles – helps keep those emissions down and supports local farmers (pat on the back)
    • Food is fresher, not having travelled around the world, and therefore tastier!
    • It’s good for you! Our bodies crave different nutrients at different times of the year and eating food that is in season provides the variety of good things we need - very clever 🤓
So what should we be eating this time of year (as well as pastry, of course)?
Springtime seasonal offerings include asparagus, cauliflower, cucumbers, leekspurple sprouting broccoliradishes, samphire, spinachspring onionswatercress, wild nettles, rhubarb, lamb, chicken crab and prawns.
Seasonal Vegetables
Our Seasonal Picks
Lamb in the Sheep Pie and Lamb Maroc pasty 🐑
Lovely leeks in Chicken, leek and bacon pie!
    If you’re into salad then we recommend a colourful side to accompany your pie or pasty (especially when the sun is shining 🌞 ) – using radishes, cucumber and watercress.
    If it's cold and dreary outside, then grab a pie from the freezer and steam some cauliflower, spinach or purple sprouting broccoli. Delish!

    go on - take a Chunk!