All American Sides

All American Sides
Our American Pies are going down a treat again since we bought them back. We’ve been on the hunt for some U.S. inspired side dishes to make the pies even better (if that’s even possible!) and it's safe to say, we've found some good'uns.
Now, we’re all familiar with the classic American side rustled up with chopped tatties and plenty of oil (or opening a bag from the freezer and popping in the oven or air fryer!) - we call them fries. Whether you opt for fine-cut chips or go for the curly variety, fries are hard to beat and go beautifully with a Mac & Cheese pie. Just look at this mouth-watering tray exploding with carbs!
mac & cheese pie
Corn on the cob 🌽
Another veggie we reach for often in the UK, corn on the cob is an absolute classic that pairs well with a Steak & Cheese pie.
Slaw is one of director, Simon’s favourites and he’s known to whip one up with red cabbage when he’s at the QVC studio or just having a pasty in the garden at the weekend. Also a preferred dish in America, a good bowl full of cabbage in a creamy sauce would work wonders with the Cheeseburger Pie.
In our journey discovering sides in the land of the stars and stripes, we came across a couple of Thanksgiving necessities. Much like a bowl of sprouts at Christmas, these dishes are a must for the holiday season over there. If you’re feeling adventurous it’s worth whipping up these sides.
Can't go wrong with baked beans, a dish originally from America! Try warming a tin of baked beans to go with your Steak & Cheese pie. Don't knock it til' you've tried it!
Steak & Cheese with beans
Collard Greens
Southern-style Collard greens or “spring greens” as we like to call them over here. Unlike cavolo nero or kale's curly, narrow leaves, collard greens' leaves are large, smooth, and flat. Although available throughout the UK, these leaves don’t have the recognition they deserve as they do in America. Here’s a simple recipe should you wish to create this at home to accompany those wonderful pies!
The resulting dish is hearty, bitter, and bursting with savoury goodness (not to mention, providing you with a healthy dose of vitamins). Start by washing and chopping your spring greens, chuck some bacon into a pan before removing when good and crispy. Throw in some onion and garlic and sauté before adding the bacon and greens back into the pan. Cover with chicken stock and season well before simmering for 45mins. Bob’s your uncle – a staple dish that's something a bit different for Pie night!
Green Bean Casserole 
Another classic side dish that always has a place at the Thanksgiving table, green bean casserole features green beans (obviously!) baked with creamy mushroom sauce and topped with crispy fried onions.
This dish is more of a gratin than a casserole, really. First made in the USA in the 1950s using a tin of cream of mushroom soup as the sauce (a speedy shortcut that is still used in some recipes today). Since then, it has become a staple for many families every year.
Go on - take a Chunk!