Awards Galore for Gourmet Pies and Pasties

More shiny stars from The Great Taste Awards, and to say we’re chuffed would be an understatement. Here’s a little round-up of all the awards we’ve won this year. Don’t know about you, but we’re starting to lose track!!
We won 10 awards at the British Pie Awards in March, then another 17 (11 Golds) from Taste of the West in May. We’ve been patiently (mostly) waiting to find out what The Great Taste Awards thought of our products this year and have just been notified that there’s another 6 awards to add to the wall.  We have now DOUBLED our wins from last year which is no mean feat! We won 16 awards in 2021 and so far our total in 2022 has just ticked over 33 🎉 And the year isn’t out yet! We still have Food, Drink Devon awards coming up in Autumn. Roll on more celebrating then 💃
At Chunk, we aim to make honest, great-quality food so it’s not a huge shock to us that the various foodie awards bodies recognise our efforts in the kitchen. But we’re absolutely thrilled to have won so many awards this year!
Cue an epic Simon statement about what we do… “We’re a very honourable company. In our game it’s easy to fudge and fettle for awards, but we’ve never done that. We stand up to scrutiny, and if the judges make a fair point for something we need to change, we will be strong and humble enough to do so. We’re not arrogant about our products; we’re there to wow people and give them what they want.”
Chunk Champs of 22
These are the standout products so far this year that deserve a place on the podium and an awful lot of whooping from the crowd 👏
Steak Pasty – Obviously! Defending its crown as a 13 x Great Taste Gold Star Award Winner 
Homity Pie – Round of applause for the Homity please as this delicious cheesy treat is now a second time 2-star winner at Great Taste (an accolade less 10% of entrants achieve!) Plus, it was 'commended' at the Taste of the West Awards!
Kickin’ Chicken Pie – 3 awards this year for this banging curry-filled bake:
🥇 Bronze at British Pie Awards
🥇 Gold at Taste of the West Awards
🥇 Gold at Great Taste Awards
 homity pie wins two star great taste award
Now we’re off to congratulate ourselves, yay! Stay tuned for more awards chat in a few months when we’ll tally up our collection for the year.

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