Best Vegan Pie 2023

There’s nothing more comforting than a pie in winter! Fact. We’ve been working hard to create something super creamy and delicious. It wowed the judges at British Pie Awards this year and was crowned the winner of the Vegan Category, hooray 🙌
Recent Pie Trends
Matthew O’Callaghan of the British Pie Awards claims that vegan and vegetarian pies are growing in popularity – the vegan category was the one with most entries in 2021 and has remained popular since then.
It’s not just a movement towards more plant-based foods and healthier meals that have caused a shift in the industry in recent years. The current economic climate means many are opting to eat at home more often, rather than visiting restaurants, cafes and pubs to dine. The cost-of-living crisis has people reaching for pies more than ever - a pie makes for a simple treat meal without the price-tag of eating out!
 Another reason for pie popularity in recent months is a desire for nostalgia and recreating classic dishes - name a more traditional meal than a pie!
What makes an award-winning pie?
“Good pastry – it should be crisp, evenly baked, golden, not over processed and well seasoned with no rancid notes.” Says Sally Jayne-Wright, previous judge of the vegan category at the British Pie Awards. Although we’re a big fan of butter in our pastry usually, we use sustainable palm oil in our vegan products which gives the pastry that lovely texture with a bit of bite.
 Tray of baked pies hot from the oven. British Pie Awards Best Vegan Pie 2023
It goes without saying that the filling is also important! We aim to always fill our pies to the brim with delicious meat, veggies and gravy. Our new vegan pie is no exception!
From roast veg pasty to the new Mushroom Stroganott
Back in 2018, we changed our pastry glaze from egg to a pea-based glaze and our first vegan product was born - the Roast Veg Pasty. This simple recipe featuring a roasted vegetable mix with a few herbs has always performed well at various award ceremonies. We now have a total of 6 plant-based products that the hunks (vegan or not!) enjoy thoroughly.
mushroom pie
Our Mushroom Stroganott pie that impressed the judges so much at the 2023 British Pie Awards features a rich creamy sauce using ground cashews. A glug of brandy gives it a depth of flavour along with a hint of paprika and dash of thyme. The wonderful stroganoff inspired filling uses large chestnut mushroom slices to provide texture. We highly recommend all mushroom lovers try it!
go on – take a Chunk!