Less calories in a Steak Pasty than Rice Krispies 👀

With calories being rather a hot topic currently, we thought we’d use this as an excuse to plug our Steak Pasty 😂
Pasties get a bit of a bad rep for being unhealthy, but in reality, they’re a fairly good complete meal. Now, we’re not recommending you eat one EVERY day, but you certainly shouldn’t feel bad when you do reach for one. Or two!
To back us up, here’s a snapshot of how many calories there are in a few random foods per 100g:
Whats in a Pasty - Chunk of Devon
In fact, calories aren’t a particularly good gauge of how healthy foods are for us. If you weren’t aware of how calories are calculated then let us enlighten you (we promise not to bore you with the science 🤓). Essentially, foods are set on fire in a lab using a “bomb calorimeter” (yes, really!) and the amount of gas released becomes the number of calories written on a packet - and now in a menu!
GI count and how the body metabolises foods is a much better figure to go by when watching your weight. In real terms, this means how fast and how much a food raises blood sugar levels. Highly processed foods are easy-peasy for the body to digest, whilst foods high in fibre make the body work a bit harder.
We strive hard to ensure that our products are as natural as can be with good quality ingredients – nothing highly processed about them! Not only does this mean they taste great (have we mentioned how many awards our Steak Pasty has won?!), but it means they’re kind(ish) on the waistline!
Pasty Calories
So what’s in our pasty?
The pasty is made up of potato, swede, onion and some cracking beef skirt with a little salt and pepper wrapped in a thin pastry that is made with real fat like butter and lard (not processed margarine). There are also heaps of minerals and vitamins in there: Vitamin C & B6, potassium, vitamin A & C in the veg, and iron, zinc & vitamin B12 in our British Beef. What’s not in there? No nasties, thank you very much! You’ll not find any additives, margarine, added sugar or trans fat in Chunk pasties.
So there we have it, pasty anyone?

go on - take a Chunk!