Chicken Pie with a Pub Classic Twist

 Chicken pie has been around for eons. Well, perhaps not that long, but it can certainly be traced back to ancient civilizations. Shoving meat in pastry was common among ancient Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans. Very often the early versions of meat pies were stuffed with vegetables or fruit and spices too. These recipes evolved into the meat pie we know and love today!
Chicken pie has been a staple in various cultures and cuisines and is still the epitome of comfort food! There are numerous variations of the chicken pie from around the world, including classic creamy chicken and mushroom pie revered by the French and the British chicken pie, featuring a bit of tasty leek and sometimes ham as well for good measure (like our tasty Chicken, Leek and Bacon Pie)!
This favourite dish among many nations and throughout the ages has proven itself time and time again as an adaptable, comforting dinner. While we love a chicken and mushroom pie from time to time and a chicken, leek and bacon pie hits the spot for others, we wouldn’t be Chunk if we didn’t dabble in more adventurous recipes on occasion. Our Kickin’ Chicken Pie is a little out there (also absolutely scrumptious, if we do say so!) but we can do better on the slightly whacky ideas front… This can only mean one thing!
Our limited-edition Hunter’s Chicken Pie is BACK with a bang!
Winner Winner Chicken Pie Dinner. But this one is no ordinary chicken pie (we’d like to think that none of our chicken pies could be described as ordinary!) – this one is inspired by the classic pub favourite dish, Hunter’s Chicken. Another excellent example of a successful “Does it pie?!” edition! One of our hunks, Matt (thanks Matt!), inspired head hunk Simon to create this marvellous recipe last year and it went down a storm.
Our homemade BBQ sauce with the perfect level of smokiness gives this pie a lovely tangy taste that pairs beautifully with the oozing cheese. Little roasted spuds and tender chunks of chicken with a bit o’ bacon, cooked in the sauce are stuffed into the pie with a layer of cheddar on top! The result is oh-so satisfying.
Pair this sensational pie with chunky potato wedges and some steamed purple sprouting broccoli for a super dinner. It also goes down rather well with a glass or two of vino or pint of your choice – it is a pub classic after all!
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