Christmas Dinner Pies

We've given you festive turkey and we've given you Christmassy venison. Now it's time for the trimmings to shine!
Christmas pies on a rustic platter served with seasonal veggies
Sensational Sprout Pie
Does it pie? You name it… we’ve thought about putting it in a pie! The wonderful, whacky ideas just keep coming (toothpaste pie anyone?!) Head hunk, Simon and chef, Marc can bring anything to life in pie form and we’re constantly astounded by the delicious creations that come from the kitchen. Of course, each pie will have several iterations until we’re happy that they’re perfect and we can share them with you!
Sprout pie was a tongue in cheek suggestion that we just couldn’t dismiss from our minds. It wasn’t long before Simon scurried back from the kitchen with the first version of this pie, featuring sprouts in a cheesy creamy sauce. The first year we launched this pie we completely underestimated its popularity and this one and the Pigs in Blankets pie sold out in under 24 hours.
sensational sprout pie served on a white plate with Christmas trimmings
We’re thrilled that the Sprout Pie has been recognised as the brilliant masterpiece that it is and it won a sparkly Gold award this year at Taste of the West Award 2022.
The recipe hasn’t changed much since it was first made in 2021, maybe ever so slightly cheesier and we’re using gorgeous whole sprouts, cooked with bacon. We’re thrilled that it’s back on the tasting menu and we’re able to gorge on this nutty, cheesy delight. Hopefully we’ve made enough this year to keep everyone happy! We still suggest you grab yours while you can!
Pigs in Blankets Pie - it's Piggin' Awesome!
Close your eyes and picture the Christmas dinner spread of dreams (trying not to drool too much!). Now pick out all the best trimmings and imagine them stuffed into a pie… This is how the pigs in blankets pie was born! It’s quite literally Christmas dinner (without the turkey – we highly recommend our turkey, ham, brie & cranberry pie!) in a pie. Our famous flaky pastry is laden with stuffing, tiny roast potatoes, a little gravy and the star of the show, those glorious pigs.
Piggin' awesome pigs in blanket pie served on a white plate with gravy
All our pies freeze beautifully so if you’re not quite ready to put the tree up and whack on the Bublé, you can always stash them away for a couple of weeks!
Festive Feast Box
Our pigs and sprout pies are bundled together into one box or you can pick and mix with some pie classics. This year we’ve also created a Festive Feast Box with all our Christmas favs. Inside this cracker, you’ll discover:
2 x Sprout Pies ( Sensational!)
2 x Pigs in Blanket Pies (Piggin' Awesome!)
2 x Venison and Port Pies
2 x Turkey, Ham, Brie and Cranberry Pies
2 x Pork and Cranberry Sausage Rolls
1 x Christmas Cake (600g)
go on - take a Chunk!