Christmas Munchies

Christmas is coming!
It’s only 6 weeks until we’ll be unwrapping pressies, drinking our favourite tipples and gobbling the feast of all feasts with all the trimmings. We’re starting to feel rather festive at Chunk HQ now the weather has turned chillier! The woolly hats are out and cosying up in front of the fire of an evening is now a must. The mince pies have been well and truly cracked open and it’s time to ramp up the merry! Who's with us?!
It's not just our moods that are reflecting the season, our pie repertoire is becoming more Chritmassy (definitely a word!) and we couldn’t be more delighted that these two wonderfully rich pies, and delightful snacks packed with cranberries are back on the tasting menu!
venison pie
Venison and Port Pie
Name a festive drink or two. Port instantly transports us to party season! This wonderful beverage is used to give the gravy a hearty and rich flavour.
The kitchen hunks use locally sourced venison, bacon chunks, some mushrooms for the fill. Then they add a good splosh of port and a few crushed juniper berries. Next the not-so-secret-ingredient... to really give it a depth of flavour we add a sprinkling of Sur Del Lago 100% pure Cacao, made locally by Willes Cacao. Is your mouth watering yet?!
Christmas Platter
Turkey, Ham, Brie and Cranberry Pie
If there were ever an indulgent pie to break the diet for, this is THE ONE 😋 With tender turkey chunks, smoked bacon, leeks, melted brie and a few cranberries in a rich creamy sauce, 'rich' doesn't quite cut it. Wrapped in our fabulous buttery shortcrust pastry with the perfect crunch - this one is not to be missed. 
If you happen to have seen Andi Peters’ Food Fest on QVC - this one is his absolute favourite! Simon whizzes up to London to do his Christmas spiel every year!
turkey pie
Turkey, Ham and Cranberry Pasty
Now the Steak Pasty is an absolute classic and cannot be replaced. But this time of year the turkey pasty with a subtle sweetness given by the cranberries is hard to beat!
Cranberry and Pork Sausage Roll
This special chunky roll wrapped in our flaky ruff puff does not disappoint! Just an ordinary Chunk sausage roll (there's nothing ordinary about our sausage roll!) with a hint of allspice and some cranberries. Let the good times roll!
Gifting foodies this year? Why not send them a box of pies! Mix some classic pies in with some festive corkers. Let us know if your order is a pressie and specify when you'd like it delivered.
go on - take a Chunk!