Colcannon Recipe

Colcannon, a superb pie companion
One of the sides that many of our loyal customers claim to enjoy with our pies is colcannon. One of Director Simon’s faves, here are his secrets to whipping up a cracking colcannon! If you're a bit bored of regular old mash potato we suggest you give it a try!
A dish famous with the Irish, this potato and cabbage-based side is a perfect accompaniment to many a pie with a generous glug of gravy. The name comes from Irish “cál ceannann”, meaning white-headed cabbage! Spuds and cabbage were plentiful and considered foods of the common people during the 17th and 18th centuries so it makes sense that the two were thrown together for a tasty and comforting national dish! It’s often associated with St Paddy’s Day but is devoured year-round by many.
To create a scrumptious mountain of colcannon plenty for 4, use around 4 spuds and half a head of savoy cabbage. This doddle of a recipe takes just over 20 minutes to make - no more time than standard mash and you can smash it out while your pie cooks! Choose starchy potatoes like Maris Piper or King Edward that make lovely fluffy mash.
Peel and boil your spuds while you prep the glorious greens. Very often in Ireland, any green veg that needed using up was thrown in! Shred the cabbage or kale before they are sautéed for a few minutes. Add plenty of salt and pepper, a blob of butter and a glug of milk or double cream if you’re feeling indulgent, into the saucepan. A teaspoon of mustard also works a treat to level up the dish! Once soft, mash the tatties then toss in your veggies and sauce, giving it a good old stir.
Top with the obligatory additional knob of butter – make a little well in the top of the mash before popping in the butter which immediately melts into it – enough to make the mouth water!
Traditionally, Colcannon is served with an Irish stew or Guinness-braised meats. Pie pairing proposal - try this glorious dish with an Ultimate Steak Pie or the Sheep Pie for an ultra-comforting midweek meal! It also works brilliantly with a veg-packed pie like the Mushroom Stroganott Pie (as pictured here by @glam_vegan).
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