Curry Pie

What is better on a Friday night than a pie?… how about a Chicken Curry Pie.

With the Chicken curry now part of the British heritage, the Chicken Tikka Masala is said to be the favourite, but this recipe didn’t even originate in India!

The story goes, a customer complained that his chicken was too dry, so the chef quickly concocted a mixture of tomatoes, cream, and spices, poured it on the chicken and that became your Chicken Tikka Masala.

Our Curry pie recipe is based on a butter chicken curry recipe. Butter Chicken Curry is a Punjabi Indian dish, the Tikka Masala - as we’ve mentioned - very much a British creation.

They do have similarities, but the main difference is the Butter Chicken Curry has less tomato intensity.

We’ve been making our Butter Chicken Curry pie - The Kickin’ Chicken Pie, for a few years now and it has become a real family favourite.

Inspired by our association with some top football clubs who were after a curry pie that had more flavour and character that the average curry pie, the Chunk Chefs created this fabulous Indian Butter Chicken Curry Pie. Yes - it has a slight kick...but nothing crazy! The Kickin' Chicken Pie

Perfectly spiced chunks of both chicken breast and thigh are marinated in yoghurt and spices, roasted then, mixed with tomato and coconut milk, some onions, peppers and potato and left to simmer for a while finally finished off with some butter to give you a super creamy, curry sauce.

Wrapped in our fabulous shortcrust pastry, the pastry top is sprinkled with a few Nigella seeds - boom! Curry in a pie!

Top Tip..😉 One way to eat this pie ….lift the lid, you have your own chunk version of a naan...then scoop out your curry...enjoy.

Why not wash it down with a glass of your favourite curry night beer or lager …🍺 not sure which to choose - check out Butcombe Brewery for a very tasty selection.

Get your Friday Curry Night sorted!