Day in the life of Chef, Marc

This is Marc 👨‍🍳
Marc is our chef (The HOF - Head of Food!) and operations manager at Chunk. When he's not showing off his baffling Rubik's cube skills, he can be found dashing around the kitchen in his hairnet (important piece of headwear even if you’re lacking copious amounts of hair!), managing ingredient sourcing at his desk and conducting meetings in the kitchen about making efficiencies.
Let’s follow him around the business today (trying not to get in his way too much!). Marc starts his day at his desk catching up on admin before he dons his fetching PPE and dashes into the kitchen to get stuck into perfecting the products! It’s Tuesday and the kitchen is making our multi-award-winning steak pasties (every day is pasty day at Chunk!). Also on the pasty belt is the lamb maroc, the Ruby Murray and chicken and chorizo pasties! On the snack front, the hunks are whipping up veggie butternut squash & spinach rolls and bacon & cheddar bombs and the pie of the day is chicken leek and bacon.
Day-to-day can be quite different for Marc, depending on what's cooking and what other projects are going on. Last week he ventured up to London with Simon and Suzi to dress the dishes for the QVC show.
 QVC Chunk show
Marc is also responsible for finessing our new and exciting pie recipes such as the Cheeseburger Pie. When he interviewed for the job here, he created an unbelievable Brisket Pie that nobody EVER stops talking about in the Chunk office 🤤🤤🤤 We're all hoping he'll recreate it again one day!
With over 30 year’s experience in Hospitality and experience working at pubs, hotels and restaurants, we know we're in very good hands. He’s also won oodles of awards for his cooking! Our Mushroom Stroganott recipe was the first recipe he worked on days after starting at Chunk which went on to win Best Vegan Pie at the British Pie Awards 2023 🎉
As well as developing new recipes, Marc ensures that all the normal lines are up to scratch. Head hunk, Simon’s motto (one of many!) is “better never stops” and they both strive hard to guarantee the quality of products coming out of the kitchen. Regular taste testing and inspecting the ingredients that come in, tweaking recipes as needed to reflect seasonal differences and supplier issues. Tastings are held on Wednesdays every week and Marc ensures the chosen products brought up in the black tray are scrutinized thoroughly each week.
After he’s done for the day at Chunk, he heads home to make dinner for himself and his family!