Drinks to complement your favourite pies and pasties

The Best Beverages and Bakes
If you're a believer of pairing your drinks carefully with the grub you've got for dinner then we've got you covered for Pie night! We've run through some our favourite drinks and discovered partners which really sing.
Pork and apple are winning combination and one that can be identified in recipes all over the shop! If a lovely summery cider is your bevy of choice then opt for the Pork and Scrumpy Pasty or our Chunki Sausage Roll (or a Squealer Pork Pie!) to accompany it and you won't be disappointed. Equally, a glass of cloudy apple juice or pair juice will work well with these bakes.
Cider also offers a wonderful balance to the salty taste of cheddar cheese, and therefore is a perfect accompaniment to the veggie Homity Pie.
Red wine
If you love to sip a glass of wine on a Saturday evening (you and me both!) then let it compliment your pie dinner beautifully. We'd recommend the Ultimate Steak pie or a Chicken & Chorizo pasty if you're a red fan.
Our Ultimate Steak Pie has a sumptuous beef bourginon-inspired fill. The chunks of tender steak are marinated in a Fonvene wine from the Ardeche region in the Rhone Valley (bought from Christopher Piper wines down the way!). The wonderful Chicken & Chorizo pasty pairs beautifully with a Spanish Rioja.
White Wine
A Chardonnay accompanies dinners such as the French-inspired creamy Chicken & Mushroom Pie superbly while a glass of Sauvignon blanc complements goat's cheese so opt for the Butternut Squash and Goat Cheese Pie.
If you’re a pint person then punt for a Steak Pasty! The age-old combination of steak and ale is a pleasure to eat. We did make some very special Steak & Ale pasties for the Hospiscare Men’s walk this year which prove our point nicely! The Steak & Ale Pie is another obvious choice. We love the Otter Ale used in our recipe made a stone’s throw away (you wouldn't catch us drinking anything from outside of Devon!)
curry chicken pie
Spiced pies like the Kickin' Chicken Pie work equally well with a cool beer. Amber or brown ale are your best bet with spicy dishes! 
Lamb and mint are like a cuppa and biscuit. They are better off together! Drink a mojito with our Sheep pie if you fancy a cocktail.
We'd love to hear whether you have any drink-and-bake duos that really hit the spot!
go on - take a Chunk!