Festive Sides

Seasonal Veg to pair with your Festive Pies
Now we’re in December and we’re counting down to Christmas, we thought we’d do a festive edition of side recommendations. These sides are bound to make a meal out of any pie – impress guests or make a special festive dinner with these combos.
Now we don’t overly recommend you pair our gold award-winning Sprout Pie with some brussels … talk about sprout overload! However, the Pigs in Blankets Pie would go down a treat with some mash and some sautéed sprouts. Add some sliced garlic and herbs to give your sprout side dish an edge. Another winning combination is brussel sprouts and cheese - you could shove your sprouts in a gratin topped with breadcrumbs and parmesan!
red cabbage side
The sprout’s big sister is also plentiful in December. Make a very festive spiced red cabbage to accompany your bakes with star anise and cinnamon. Add vinegar, apple and raisins to sweeten the dish. Perfect to pair with the Turkey, Brie and Cranberry Pie
This sweet veg is a firm favourite at this time of year. Whether you glaze them in honey and oil and bake them or stick them in the pan with your spuds before mashing, they complement a pie marvellously. The rich flavours of the Venison and Port pie work particularly well with parsnips!
Festive Spuds
Maincrop potatoes are also in season this time of year. So bung some roasties on and make sure there’s plenty of gravy! Mash is ALWAYS a winner with pie – add some rosemary or caramelised onion and a big dollop of cream to make it even more special.
 Venison and Port Pie - Mash
Seasonal Salad
Beetroot is readily available in December so a lovely red salad will pair well with our Turkey and Cranberry Pasty. Chuck together some sliced apple which is currently in season with greens, diced beetroot and some chopped walnuts or almonds. Dress with some lemon juice and oil then sprinkle with pomegranate seeds to make it extra jazzy!
Go on - take a Chunk!