Fun Fish Pie Facts

To celebrate the return of our Posh Fish Pie, here's a bunch of fun fish pie facts for you:
🐟 The most expensive fish pie ever made was poached in Dom Perignon. It cost £545 back in the day (what a load of pollock)!

🐟 Just 2-3 servings of fish per week reduces the risk of death from all health-related causes by 17%. Our fish pie is full of smoked haddock, prawns, pollock and salmon. The fish is smothered in a rich creamy cheesy dill sauce before it's baked in our signature pastry, but we think it still counts as a healthy dish!
🐟 Up until 2000 Iceland was one of the richest per capita nations with 75% of its economy hooked into fish. After that the Icelanders worked out showing rich tourists some fancy lighting system was the way to go! Nonetheless fish still makes up 25% of their economy and they are most famous for their delicacy of kæst skata, which is a fermented skate (we'll stick to pie, thanks!).
🐟 China is the whale of the fishing world landing 60m tonnes annually (100 times that of the UK)
🐟 The biggest fish in the world is a Shark (obviously!).  The whale shark is nearly 20 tonnes - that’s 160,000 fish pies! While the largest pollock comes in a measly 14kg - still good for about 100 pies 🥧  
🐟 Stargazy pie is the famous Cornish dish that originated in Mousehole around the 16th Century. Usually pilchards, potato and egg topped with pastry - what makes this pie really unique is the fish heads poking out of the top!
 Our Posh Fish Pie
Our limited edition Posh Fish Pie has a jumble of pollock, salmon, smoked haddock and prawns in a creamy sauce. It won't be around forever, so get your skates on and try one... it's absolutely brill 😆
Fish Pie
We've also brought back the Surf and Turf Box so you can get 4 fish pies with 4 classic Steak & Ale pies.

go on - take Chunk!