Giant Pasty at Exeter Chiefs

10 seasons 🏉🏉🏉
Rugby is still firmly on our minds despite our unfortunate exit from the World Cup. Let’s not dwell on that though, we’ve turned our heads back to our local team and are keeping tabs of the lads as they smash their games here at home at Sandy Park stadium and away.
We’ve been working with Exeter Chiefs to provide their iconic more-than-substantial stadium snack, the Giant Pasty, for a whole decade now. That’s right, we started working with them in 2013. And look at how far they’ve come in that time!
The Exeter Chiefs have become a prominent force in English and European rugby and have a strong presence in the rugby community. Their success on the field and commitment to community engagement make them a respected and well-known club in the world of rugby union!
The last 10 years for Chunk has been quite momentous as well. We’ve developed over 50 new products, won countless awards and spread our wings further afield (well and truly outside of that Devon border!).
Some of you will be familiar with the Exeter Chiefs professional rugby union club and will have had the pleasure of chowing down on a Giant Pasty within the stadium and watching the game play out!
If not, then here are 10 facts we feel you should know…
 Exeter Chiefs Logo
  1. It’s getting on a bit: The Exeter Chiefs were founded in 1871 and are therefore one of the oldest rugby clubs in England.
  2. Home Stadium: The club plays it's home matches at Sandy Park, Exeter. Sandy Park can cram in over 12,000 spectators and is known for its passionate pasty-loving fan base.
  3. Success in Premiership Rugby: The Exeter Chiefs have been smashing it in the English Premiership (one of the top rugby union leagues in England). They won their first Premiership title in the 2016-2017 season and have been consistent contenders in the league.
  4. European Rugby Success: The club has also performed beautifully in European competitions. They won their first European title in 2020 when they secured the European Rugby Champions Cup, defeating Racing 92 in the final.
  5. Logo: In July 2022 it was time for a refresh and the new Exeter Chiefs logo was announced. Made up of elements that represent the region’s Celtic history, as well as its links to the Iron Age Dumnonii Tribe. The helmet is based on the Celtic helmets known to be worn in and around 300 BC.
  6. Mascot: In 2020 Exeter Rugby Club took the decision to retire the former ‘Big Chief’ mascot following issues raised around the club’s former Native American branding but he’s made a comeback mirroring the Celtic Chief who features in the new logo.
  7. Community Engagement: The club is doing their bit by getting involved in community initiatives and charity work.
  8. Rivalries: The Exeter Chiefs have intense rivalries with other Premiership clubs – don’t even mention Bath Rugby, Bristol Bears, and Gloucester Rugby. Matches between these teams are nail-bitingly good!
  9. Academy: The Exeter Chiefs have a strong focus on player development through their academy system. Many of their homegrown talents have gone on to represent both the club and the national team.
  10. Fan Base: The Exeter Chiefs have a dedicated and passionate fan base. Their rowdy supporters, known as the "Tribe," are known for their enthusiastic and vocal presence at matches!
 go on - take a giant Chunk!