Gluten Free Pies, Pasties and Rolls

Gluten-Free Goodness is Here!

Suzi and Simon’s passion for creating superior bakes doesn’t stop with Chunk. That same passion (some could say obsession!) to use brilliant ingredients and simple processes to create something exceptional can be seen at our sister bakery, Baked to Taste.

Just down the road in Honiton, Devon, is our dedicated gluten-free and wheat-free bakery that is home to unrivalled gluten free produce.

The pursuit for the best gluten-free pastry, using all sorts of different flours until the perfect blend was settled on, began in earnest when Suzi and Simon took over the business in 2021.

Some of our classic Chunk fills were tweaked in their kitchen, stuffed into the awesome new pastry and some superb gluten free bakes were added to the menu.

Here is a little peak behind the scenes!

Shipton mill gluten free flour 

Our Gluten Free Pies and Pasties

In our range of Gluten Free savouries, you’ll find the Chunk classic recipes of Chicken, Leek and Bacon and Steak & Ale (with the addition of chestnut mushrooms). The vegan Mushroom Stroganott Pie and, of course, our infamous Steak Pasty are also now available Gluten and Wheat Free.

And how could we forget about the Sausage Roll, which got lots of love at various shows this year. They’re all available in a box of 8 or individually to mix and match with Chunk bakes.

We’ve also put together a mixed box so you can sample all the GF goodies or send to a friend!

Winners of 7 Golds at 2023 Food Drink Devon know you want to -

go on - take a Chunk of Baked to Taste!