Gorgeous Gluten Free Pies and Pasties

Gluten-Free Goodies Coming Soon...
A stone’s throw away in Honiton (another small Devon town with rather funny traditions), is our little sister bakery, Baked to Taste, which Simon and Suzi bought in 2022. The dedicated gluten and wheat-free bakery was founded 20 years ago when founder, Paula started playing around with recipes in her kitchen. The business was already home to several scrumptious cake recipes, along with a range of super gluten-free cooking ingredients when Suzi and Simon adopted it. A few of the best Chunk pie and pasty recipes were passed onto Justin & the team and some outstanding gluten-free products for those with intolerances or allergies (and those without) to enjoy were born!
It has been mission-practically-impossible for the last year or so to perfect gluten-free pastry and one that required numerous rounds of testing and tweaking. The team are pleased to say it has now been achieved and the bakes have gone from great to exceptional, and Baked to Taste have been churning out plenty of delightful savoury bakes practically unrecognisable from their Gluten full cousins, ever since. Baked to Taste have joined us on the road at various shows this year and the feedback from samplers has been phenomenal!
Pie classics such as the Chicken, Leek and Bacon and Steak & Ale are among the bestsellers online. The sausage roll has been incredibly popular, while the steak pasty remains the top product there, as well as it’s infamous Chunk counterpart – not really surprising!
Baked to Taste has gathered a substantial stash of awards in the last couple of years, the latest haul from the Great Taste Awards includes three Golds for some of their superb veggie bakes.
Simon, Suzi and the Baked to Taste team continue to come up with new creations to wow and many of the Chunk staples are now available gluten-free through them. We’ve decided to include a selection of Baked to Taste bestsellers on the Chunk site so you will be able to buy gluten-full alongside gluten-free with none of the hassle.
If you have any friends or family who can’t enjoy delicious pies as you do then be sure to let them know about this exciting development and about the Baked to Taste Bakery! Stay tuned this Autumn for the launch of some delicious Gluten-Free additions to our range.
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