It's Junemas !


A new word for Christmas in June. Not our idea ...but one proposed by the giant supermarket Aldi!  and we're always up for a bit of a laugh!  😆
Christmas 2020 was an unusual one for most of us. We tried as best we could to celebrate via Zoom or Facebook, but it wasn't the same, and too many families had to spend time apart. 
The marketing guys at Aldi had the bright idea to celebrate again in mid summer, when we can all get together, and it has really picked up momentum!
With pre orders of Christmas trees already being taken by Gardening Express it looks like this could be a lot of fun!
If you did missout on celebrating Christmas 2020, with family or friends, it is a really good excuse to grab a second chance now.  But, if you don’t want to go to the hassle of the roast turkey and trimmings...we've created a special ‘Junemas’ box. A flavour of Christmas for you!
Six of our best selling Christmas Vension pies and six of our delicious Christmas Lemon and Ginger Mince Pies.
PLUS a Veggie option. 
Six Nips and Nuts Pies (a veggie tagine recipe) and six of the delicious Lemon and Ginger Mince pies.
Get the box out of the loft - throw some decorations around the place ...shake out the Christmas jumpers and CELEBRATE Junemas….! 
Our Venison Pie, only available for Christmas, is a real favourite and winner of a Great Taste Award. The Judges commented:
“An attractively shaped pie with a good fill and an enticingly winey aroma. The pastry is sound throughout, the venison flavoursome, the sauce unctuous and nicely seasoned…”
“….There is a richness to the filling and a crispness to the pastry..”

But check out what our customers have to say about them too…

Robert B *****  Beautiful festive selection

These were the loveliest mince pies we have ever tasted, the different flavours and buttery pastry were beautiful. The pies were delicious and the vegetarian ones were lovely even for meat-eaters. Would thoroughly recommend.

Marilyn O. *****  Best pies I've ever tasted!
I loved the venison pie, what a delicious recipe. The lemon and ginger mince pies had the most buttery pastry and I love the combination of lemon and ginger, two of my favourite flavours.  

Xenia*****  Absolutely delicious
….. the ginger and lemon, it had the perfect blend of zing and heat from the lemon and ginger. The pastry was tasty and very light. The venison was also good as was the vegan nut one. I wasn’t expecting the spice from the vegan option, it had an Asian edge which came from the cumin. Each pie had a generous amount of equally balanced ingredients that you just don’t get in other pre made pies and as a result I make my own but I will definitely be purchasing these again as they are truly scrumptious.   

But with only 50 boxes available - you’re going to need to be quick!

Place your order before Monday 21st They will be baked and packed the week commencing 21st June to be delivered to you by Friday 25th June… time for your Junemas Celebrations 🎄🎉😀