Lamb Pasty

Here’s a little bit of contention for you - something to ponder on…!
The pasty did not originate in Cornwall.  😳 Yep - we’ve said it before...and no doubt we’ll say it again.
But the facts are this - so much great food originated from the fertile crescent through Phoenicia, Mesopotamia and Persia [Arabia] fertilised by the Tigris, Euphrates and down to the Nile delta.
(Check out the map below...just in case you’re not too great on your Middle Eastern history.😉)

This is where we first corralled animals and learnt that some grasses could be cultivated and we could grind the seeds to make flour and then with the addition of water, egg or oil to make a wrap for later in the day..  
Remember the Mediterranean!? And the days when we could get away to some guaranteed sunshine.🌤 Go anywhere around the Mediterranean you will find folded pastry discs with some delectable filling, usually sheep or goat. 🐐 An exceptionally tasty pasty found in Turkey is goat's cheese, thyme and honey. 
In Turkey what we know as pasties they call börek. The Italians call their pasty a Calzone – (Stuffed Pizza Pasties) Spain and Spanish speaking countries refer to it as an Empanada and there's many more too...
So the awesome pasty is enjoyed all over the world. Our delicious Lamb Maroc is homage to these will whisk you away to care free Mediterranean dream…. Lucious lamb mixed with some sensational spices and sprinkling of sundried tomatoes, peppers and a few chickpeas.
Plus it's a Taste of the West Gold award winner... so - go on take a chunk!

Let's face it ...what is a pizza? Someone got lazy and didn't fold over the pasty🥟🤣