Even Tastier Cheese and Onion Pasty


We’ve been making our wonderful Cheddar and Onion pasty since the early Chunk days, in fact it was one of the original bakes – almost 17 years!! It has grabbed a few gongs (10 to be precise!) in it’s time and always features in the bestsellers list.

You may be thinking, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!”

But we want to make the BEST cheese and onion pasty around! Simon and Marc have been tweaking the recipe for months to come up with the version of the product that wows everyone at the first bite and we think we’ve finally found it!

The Changes We’ve Made
1. Pastry – the pastry in our new recipe uses 30% wholemeal flour as the majority of our veggie pies and pasties. The wholemeal flour gives it a beautiful depth of flavour and a great texture!
2. More cheese – we have added 30% more cheese! Yes, you read that right. We’ve added a ton more cheese to give it the wow factor. It is called a Cheddar and Onion pasty, after all!
3. New Rusk, Sea Salt and Herb Topping – possibly 'la pièce de resistance', this new topping elevates this pasty to new heights.
4. Little bit of swede inside.  Swede is an absolute staple in the Steak Pasty and we decided to try it out here too in the Cheese and Onion - we found that little bit of swede just took it to another level!
Reason for taking the leap....?
  • We’ve always used the wholemeal pastry for our veggie lines and the feedback has always been overwhelming. Wholemeal pastry is both better for the waistline and has a richer (more nutty!) flavour.
  • The sea salt and herb crust is sublime and the tasting team were unanimous in their favour.
  • more cheese than anyone else in the market. 🧀 🧀 🧀
  • we are aiming to be the best in all we do!!!
  • We took some samples to several trade shows in February and March and the feedback was fantastic. 97% of customers who tried it rated the new version above and beyond the old version.
This, even tastier, Cheddar and Onion pasty is already being lovingly made in the Chunk kitchens and will be going out both online and to cafes, farm shops and deli's from this week. We’re excited for you all to taste it!
We love getting feedback from customers so do let us know what you think 😊
Plate up this marvel with some skin-on fries and red cabbage slaw, and you’ve got a tip top lunch in the sun (hopefully! ☀️).
Go on – take a Chunk!