NEW - Hunter's Chicken Pie

The inspiration for many of our pies so often comes from the team. This, the NEW Hunter's Chicken Pie, has to be attributed to Matt. 
Matt is our Goods Out Co-Ordinator. Usually seen in his orange hi-vis jacket, packing boxes of pies and pasties onto vans for delivery to our fabulous customers - and pretty skilled on a forklift too!

One Monday, Matt was raving about this Hunter’s Chicken he’d had at the weekend, reminiscing about how amazing it was - so much so we thought... we need to put THAT in a pie!
The team got immediately on it. Simon, Chunk MD and a real foodie, always loves getting to work in the kitchen, and along with the Chunk Chef was a pie challenge.😉

Our recipes are made just as you would at home, so this is exactly what the guys did. They took over their home kitchens with bags of ingredients to create some special pies for us to sample. No 'off the shelf' BBQ sauce for Chunk, we wanted to make our own...and that is just what they’ve done!

Chunks of chicken, roasted potatoes in a Chunk special BBQ sauce, topped with a layer of delicious cheddar cheese that gently melts into the pie as you take that first sensational bite. Yum!

Where does Hunter’s Chicken come from?

This got us thinking (we’re not very often NOT thinking about food)… Where did it come from and why, exactly, is it called Hunter’s Chicken?

Chicken ‘Cacciatore’ or ‘Chasseur’ meaning chicken in the style of the hunter has its origins in Italy and France. Believe it or not, this dish has been around since the Renaissance period (1450-1600) when well-to-do hunters would return from their expeditions with foraged mushrooms and game for their cooks to turn into wonderful creations. Well, there you have it! A dinner party tit-bit for you to share!

So how do you catch a Hunter's Chicken Pie?

This truly classic recipe, with the Chunk twist, has already been devoured at the tastings by the team. (Thanks Matt !) Did we create an awesome pie? Well, we think it’s over to you to see what you think!
We’re rather excited to announce that our limited-edition Hunter’s Chicken Pie is now available to buy in a box of 8 or 12 to stock the freezer or as part of our Pub Classics Selection Box. Who needs to go out into the cold when you can enjoy quality pub grub from home?!



The Pub Classics Box includes: 4 x Hunters Chicken Pies, 4 x Steak and Ale and 4 x Chicken, Leek and Bacon - have your mates round to yours for Pieday Friday and bring the Pub home!


This awesome selection is only going to be available whilst the Hunters Chicken Pie is in stock - no pressure ...but would be good to order it sooner rather than wait !

Go on - take a chunk!