Over 250 Awards for our bakes

The results are in… drum roll please …we’ve won 8 more golds!
Taste of the West have awarded us another few gongs for our wall which has tipped us over the 250 mark 🙌 257 to be precise! We couldn’t be more excited to have reached this obscene number of awards for our products over the 18 years (nearly) that Chunk have been baking.
Who are Taste of the West?
Taste of the West is the largest independent regional food group in the UK and does a brilliant job of promoting the fantastic local food and drink from our region which encompasses Cornwall, Devon, Dorset, Gloucestershire, Somerset and Wiltshire. Starting in 1991, their ethos has always been - quality, integrity and provenance.
veggie tagine pie
So what did we win!?
Steak and Kidney. The marmite of the pie world and the only pie that doesn’t disappear at tastings with only a handful of the hunks diving in immediately! Our Steak & Kidney Pie wowed and grabbed a Gold.
Two meaty and mushroomy marvels: Chicken, mushroom & tarragon pie and Steak, Stilton & Mushroom Pie also bagged Golds.
Our vegan products are doing incredibly well this year! With another 4 golds awarded for plant-based pies and pasties from this round. Surprise, surprise, our new mushroom-stuffed pie has nabbed another trophy – we’re starting to see a pattern here! We were thrilled when the creamy Mushroom Stroganott Pie won the Vegan Category at the British Pie Awards earlier this year and it seems to have impressed the Taste of the West judges too, hurrah! The other triumphant vegan bakes were: Spicy Jack Pie, Cheatin’ Cheeze Pasty and our Veggie Tagine Pie.
The Steak Pasty is also worthy of praise after grabbing another Gold (of course)! This humble pasty that uses a traditional Cornish pasty recipe with a dash of pazazz (or seasoning as it is otherwise known!) has never failed to impress a panel and has the 37th accolade to its name!
steak pasty
We’re always slightly surprised but pleased that the products that win vary dependent on the judging panels in command which, means that it’s not just a select few of our bakes that wow.
We’re so proud of the Chunk hunks for all their graft and for always churning out the yummiest creations!
go on - take a Chunk!