Perfect Pasties by Post

Many of us (especially in the Southwest) are familiar with grabbing a pasty when we’re out and about. A subtly different experience to that comforting sea wall pasty we all know and love is the pasty munching instances in your very own garden or home! If you’re not already a dab-hand at creating your own moments of pasty bliss, we’ll guide you through how that can be achieved.
The first step in accomplishing pasty pleasure is getting hold of them! We use cooling packs in our pie boxes to ensure the pasties remain fresh during transit, even in the height of summer. Our packages must be delivered within 24 hours to guarantee freshness and we use a reputable courier company, DPD, to deliver them within the deadline. Once our pasties get to your door they have a shelf life (or fridge life!) of about 5 days. They also freeze beautifully so you can shove a few away for a rainy day (plenty of those lately ☔)!
Now when it comes to creating a great pasty moment at home, the serving temperature plays a big part. Heating your pasties to perfection is not a complex art but the last thing you want is a lunch that scolds the roof of your mouth 🥵. Equally unappealing is a stone-cold pasty (if needs must then they’re not entirely awful but we’d definitely recommend heating if you can wait)!
pasties from the oven
All of our pasties are baked in the Chunk kitchen by our 'hunks' before we send them out meaning they only need warming in your oven. We find this cooks the pasty far better (sending out frozen unbaked goods doesn't make for the best pastry bite) and as a bonus the cook time is reduced so you can gobble your goodies quicker. We find 20-25 minutes in an oven yields optimum results!
One advantage of cooking a pasty at home is the smell. There’s something about the smell of pastry in the oven! At Chunk HQ it hits you as soon as you approach the building. Baking your pasties at home offers you the chance to get in on some of that glorious olfactory action 👃
Steak Pasty
Another benefit of eating your pasty at home is the ability to choose your favourite condiments and sides to accompany it. A bit of leafy salad, a blob of ketchup, some pickled cabbage, baked beans, however you choose to pimp up your pasty – you can do it your way!
While the costs of eating out seem to be ever increasing, it is easy to enjoy a comforting meal at home by ordering some of your favourite pastry encased treats straight to your door. Whether your go-to is a steak pasty or you always reach for a cheese and onion pasty, it's easy to achieve lunchtime greatness by ordering them online 💯
go on – take a Chunk!