Pie-based New Year's Resolutions to Keep

🎇🥂 Happy New Year to all our lovely Pie fanatics. Wishing you a prosperous, joyful and pie-packed 2024! 
While “New Year, New You” thankfully seems to have been a saying no longer embraced, having a few new goals for 2024 is a super idea to motivate oneself. We’ve added a pie-filled twist to some light-hearted New Year's resolutions (of course!). We solemnly swear to absolutely try our best!!
    1.   Expand My Horizons: This year, I vow to explore beyond my comfort zone and try at least five new types of pies! From savoury to sweet, it's time to broaden the pie palette. This one won’t be overly tricky when you find out what we have planned! At Chunk HQ we’ve got some very exciting new recipes in the pipeline so stay tuned 👀
    2. "Host Legendary Pie Parties": I pledge to throw epic pie-themed gatherings that'll make everyone wish they were on the guest list! Pie puns and culinary delights are not optional! 🥳🥧
    3. "Spread Pie Love": This year, I'll share the joy of pies by ordering extra and sharing with loved ones. Friends, siblings, and colleagues, get ready for unexpected pie deliveries and invitations to tastings sessions.
    4. "Embrace Pie-tiful Creativity": I promise to unleash my inner artist and chef 🧑‍🍳. While there’s nothing wrong with standard pie and mash, elevating Pieday night dinners is an achievable accomplishment. From pea purees to alcohol-laden jus for drizzling, my pie dishes will be Insta-worthy masterpieces this year (the mouth waters just thinking about spreads like this one 👇)!

veggie pie

5.    "Healthier Choices": I resolve to occasionally make healthier swaps on pieday nights. Hello, veggie-packed, guilt-free pie creations! You cannot go wrong with a Veggie Tagine Pie and Mushroom Stroganott has our vote as a favourite among vegans and meat-eaters alike (as well as the judges at the British Pie awards last year!).

We've got some wonderful deals in our January Sale so get off to a good start with your pie resolutions and grab a few you might not have tried yet! 

 go on - take a Chunk!