Pigs in Blanket Pie !

Limited Edition Christmas Pies

As that wonderful song from the Weather Girls says….Have we got news for you!

We are SO excited to be able to announce our TWO NEW limited edition Pies.

Especially made for Christmas …we bring you two totally unique recipes - not available anywhere else in the ...world!
Created by the chefs here at Chunk! 

The Pigs in Blanket Pie and The Sprout Pie

Sometimes all it takes is a laugh and a joke with a few friends to come up with a great recipe. Thats what happened here. Last year there was so much talk about the national shortage of Pigs in Blankets. This side dish became such an important part of everyone's meal...we thought, could we put this tasty traditional Christmas side into a pie..?

Let's make it THE main meal…. no one puts our pigs in the corner.!

Simon was off the blocks like a racing snake ( a simonism)  to the kitchen and came back with the most amazing pie...let’s face it - Sausages and bacon in a buttery pastry case, you can’t go far wrong. The few pies made were loved by the team and the recipe has since had a few tweaks to make it extra special. Roasting the pigs in the pan, a layer of stuffing a few little roasted potatoes.

We can’t wait for this one…It’s Piggin’ Awesome! -  the team is already putting in orders!



Of course no Christmas dinner is complete without (love ‘em or hate ‘em)

Our question is how did Pigs in blankets become such a beloved English tradition? They trace back to the mid-20th century. The popularity of pigs in blankets grew in the post-World War II era when meat rationing restrictions were lifted, and people sought creative ways to celebrate abundance. This delectable combination of savoury sausages and crispy bacon became a comforting and indulgent addition to holiday feasts, symbolising the joy and merriment of the season and offering a new way to eat far too much in just one meal!

Over the years, pigs in blankets have become a cherished tradition, not just during Christmas but also often as a delicious accompaniment to various celebratory meals throughout the year, embodying the spirit of festive gatherings.


This gorgeous green veg has now made its place into the Chunk world of Pie Delights.

Nutty sprouts cooked with bacon lardons are a taste sensation! Think of the tasty recipe, bubble & squeak, then packed into pastry with a cheesy sauce.

Eating sprouts at Christmas has become a cherished tradition, and their presence on the Christmas table adds a touch of festive nostalgia. Around the 18th century when the concept of Christmas Day (as we know it now) really took off, brussels also became popular. Combine these two events together, plus them being a very winter veggie, and they have become very much a core staple of the Christmas season.

Rich in vitamins and antioxidants, Brussels sprouts offer a burst of freshness amidst the hearty and indulgent fare typically enjoyed during the holiday season. And we hear that they are good for you!

Their slightly nutty flavour, when roasted or sautéed to perfection, complements the richness of festive dishes, making them a beloved and essential component of the Christmas feast. That’s why we put them in a pie!

Our Sensational Sprout Pie is DIVINE! 


But don’t take our word for it !

We have a Limited amount of these SPECIAL PIES - Only available to buy online direct from us at Chunk - the guys who make them.

Limited Edition Box: £35.00 

4 x Pigs in Blanket Pies

4 x Sprout Pies


go on - take a Chunk!