Posh Fish Pies

To celebrate the launch of our limited edition Posh Fish Pie, we set out on a quest to find out about the most decadent pies around! How do you make a posh pie? By using fancy ingredients, of course!
Truffle Pies
Mushrooms are found in an abundance of pies, whether they take center stage or accompany meat to form a filling! Some of our best are the chicken, tarragon and mushroom and our vegan mushroom stroganott pie. But call it a truffle and the posh factor rockets! There is something special about the taste of these fungi and some piemakers use them to elevate their collection (Director, Simon has been talking about using them in a pie for yonks!).
Oyster Pie
Another dish that Simon has experimented with previously is a steak and oyster pie. He can tell you a thing or two about their history, too! Interestingly enough, it was a very popular dish in the Victorian era and something that was often made and eaten by the poor. The poorer you were the more oysters you shoved into your pie (how times have changed!). As oysters have become far less plentiful and beef is now readily available, the demographic for this pie has changed! Often marinated in a stout, and with a thick suet topping, this pie is now considered an elegant dinner option. Along the same theme, scallops can also be found in pies and make for a tasty treat.
Caviar Pie
Yes, it is a thing. There’s no pastry in sight but an Asian caviar pie combines soft cheese and fish eggs and often mayonnaise to make a posh-sounding dish. Not something you can buy readily in England and if you were to make your own, the caviar alone would set you back £50-£100!
Most Expensive Pie
The Guinness World Record set for the most expensive meat pie ever was this preposterous pie from a Lancashire pub in the countryside. The Fence Gate Inn served a pie for an eye-watering £8,195 (£1,024 a slice) featuring Japanese Wagyu Beef, Chinese Matsutake Mushrooms, Winter Black Truffles and French Bluefoot Mushrooms in 2005. It's a whopping 300quid just for the gold leaf topping! It was even recorded as the fifth most expensive dish in the world!!
Our Posh Fish Pies
Our limited-edition posh fish pies have a jumble of pollock, salmon, smoked haddock and prawns in a rich creamy sauce within.
Inspired by a chowder recipe, the kitchen hunks fillet whole salmon and haddock and chop into cubes, before mixing with prawns and pollock. The fish is cooked for a few minutes in milk (so the texture of the fish is just right), then a glug of double cream, some flour to thicken the sauce, seasoning, a sprinkling of cheese, sweetcorn and peas are added to the mix.
They won't be around forever, so get your skates on and try one... it's absolutely brill!
Also available with our Ultimate Steak Pie in the Surf And Turf box.
go on - take a Chunk!