5 Reasons to do Veganuary

Over 629,000 people signed the pledge last year and tried out a plant-based diet for the month of January. Here are some reasons you should have a go at vegan in 2023!

1. Save the Planet
There are so many benefits to the planet of eating a vegan diet including a reduction in water pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. Even following a semi-plant-based diet for a short period will help.

2. Health
Your body will thank you! If you aspire to be a healthier you in 2023 then you can kill two birds (whilst harming no animals!) in January. A plant-based food philosophy is rich in fiber, vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, and hydration. Adding more plants to your plate also promotes a healthy gut microbiome which can, in turn, boost your immune system – and who doesn’t want to ward off all those nasty bugs going around!?

3. Energize
Without downing buckets of caffeine! Many people report having much more energy on a vegan diet so if you need a bit more get up and go then it’s certainly worth a try.

4. Do it for the animals
It goes without saying that following a vegan diet has an impact on animal welfare. Eating more plant-based meals lowers demand for meat, dairy and eggs, which reduces animal suffering on factory farms around the world.

5. Try something new
After all, variety is the spice of life! There’s one thing for sure, ditching meat for a month will get you to look up new recipes and experiment with different dinners! There are loads of recipes to discover at Veganuary.com. You’ll need to make sure you eat lots of beans, legumes, edamame, tofu, and quinoa to get your protein quota.
Vegan roast veg pasty cut open to reveal tasty filling. Chunk of Devon
With all the experimenting, you’re bound to come across some new favourite meals you’d never considered. In recent years Veganism has become more accessible with a huge number of fantastic products available at the supermarket and online. Vegan Mum, Rachel has gushed about our pies and pasties in her Veganuary blog post.
Try some of our vegan pies and pasties for easy and delicious vegan dinners. We’d recommend a Spicy Jack Pie and Ruby Murray Pasty to spice lovers and you can’t go wrong with the classic award-winning Roast Veg Pasty which was the first vegan product we created many years ago. Even meat-loving Simon (have you seen what’s in Simon’s selection box?!) is a big fan of our vegan bakes.
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