Reducing Chunk’s Waste

We’re fast approaching the end of the year and we’re dwelling on some of the goals we set as a business for 2023. We’re keen to reduce our waste further next year and aim to improve our processes to benefit the planet.
An overhaul of the kitchen took place early on and a new plan was implemented on the 9th January with the wonderful name, “Perfect Production”. This aims to improve efficiency (something to get Simon very excited) and tackle any excessive waste. The plan involved moving around the baking schedule and having a shuffle around in the kitchen to make sure it’s a smooth operation and the team haven’t looked back!
Pastry resting ready to be used for pie making
Our pies and pasties are stocked at various cafes, delis, pubs and farm shops dotted around the Southwest. Our lovely drivers cruise around in Chunk vans loaded up with delicious boxes. In another bid to improve our carbon footprint, Simon looked at our delivery rounds this year and tweaked the routes or schedules to ensure we weren't using fuel inefficiently.
Reviewing our packaging is another big project that is underway in the Operations team. It is important to us that our pie and pasty packaging, as well as looking pretty cool, can be recycled and isn’t adding to landfill.
In the Autumn, we decided to focus on wastage in packaging and the first step was removing the paper packing note which has made a considerable difference. We send out A LOT of packages every week currently via DPD so that’s a tonne of A4 sheets saved!
Something we’ve started investigating and continues to be an important project for Suzi is the reduction of film in our sleeves or swapping to recyclable film. Within the box that your order arrives in, we have to include a substantial amount of cool packs to ensure the pies and pasties remain at safe temperatures throughout transportation even in the sweltering summer months. These are perfect for re-using (picnic anyone?!). To dispose of them, simply cut the corner of the pack and pour the contents down your kitchen sink. The outer film can then be recycled! Although our current cool packs are recyclable, we're looking at alternative environmentally friendly ways to send out cold goods, such as wool or denim cool packs.
Chunk pies ready for delivery in recyclable packaging
We’ve had samples sent and once tested, we’re hoping to make the switch.
The Chunk Ugly trailer that we open every Friday (10-2pm) enables us to flog any extras the kitchen bakes. We've all heard the phrase 'Bakers Dozen' and the ‘uglies’ with excessive boil out (that lovely crispy burnt juice that you get on the pastry sometimes!) or particularly uneven crimps! This makes sure our food waste is kept to a minimum.
We've got lots more ideas on how we can continue to improve our carbon footprint and hope to achieve our goals in this area while we grow in 2024.
go on - take a chunk!