Serious Sausage Roll Appeal

What makes Sausage Rolls a bangin' snack? This week we’re pondering just why they’re a go-to when the tum rumbles!
Sausage rolls are considered top of the snacks for a number of reasons:
      • Tip Top Taste: Sausage rolls are savoury and flavourful, with a combination of seasoned ground meat (usually pork hence sausage roll!) and flaky pastry. This combination of flavours and textures is oh-so satisfying!

      • Portability: Sausage rolls are typically small (although ours are rather chunki!) and hand-held, making them convenient for on-the-go snacking. This also makes them awesome for parties and picnics!

      • Filling: The combination of meat and pastry in sausage rolls can be quite filling compared to other savoury snacks like crisps, providing a sense of satisfaction that helps curb hunger between meals!

      • Variety: Sausage rolls come in many variations. It goes without saying that traditional pork sausage rolls are a classic, but there are many subtle (or not so subtle) seasoning tweaks and additions that work well as well as veggie and vegan options, so you can have your pick! Try our sausage roll selection featuring the scrumptious pork and apple saussie roll or the delicious veggie squash, spinach and goat’s cheese roll!

      •  Great Snack: While they can be made from scratch at home, sausage rolls are also readily available all over the shop. The fact that you can grab them at your local farm shop, deli or supermarket makes them an easy-peasy snack option.

      • Comfort Food: Sausage rolls are often labelled as comfort food. They can evoke feelings of nostalgia and warmth, making them an ultra-comforting choice for a snack (especially in the Devon drizzle!)

      • Texture: The contrast in textures between the crispy, flaky pastry and the juicy, flavourful meat filling is part of what makes sausage rolls to die for!
      Chunki and Chubbi Sausage rolls
      Ultimately, the appeal of sausage rolls as a snack lies in their combination of taste, convenience, and versatility, which makes them the snack of all snacks in our humble opinion. If you opt for one made with few nasty additives and using natural methods like our sausage rolls then they’re also not all that bad for you!  


      King of the sausage roll, and Chunk head hunk, Simon Bryon-Edmond, says:

      “From the off we were determined not to short-change our customers, making sure our sausage rolls were a chunky affair, with real shoulder meat, just the right amount of sage, onion, herbs and spices and all wrapped up in a cracking buttery ruff puff pasty. We won’t stint on quality ingredients and we feel this is why our products are worth falling in love with. 

      “From its origins as a simple butcher’s snack, the sausage roll has been on a bit of a roller coaster ride through the years. It first gained mass popularity when manufacturers married the fine art of puff pastry making with machinery that made it less temperamental and much cheaper to produce. However, with the ever-increasing demand to make a perfect-looking product, combined with the need to make it cheaper and cheaper, manufacturers started reducing the fat content of sausage rolls and introducing chemicals and other undesirables into the sausage, so they became bright pink meat concoctions packed with chemicals encased in pale, flavourless pastry.

      Here at Chunk, we have always placed great importance making sausage rolls that stay true to their roots as a delicious, flavour-filled savoury snack encased in the best buttery ruff puff pastry."

       Veggie Squash, Spinach and goats cheese roll
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