Simple Vegan Bakes

Tasty, Special, Natural is the Chunk motto and you’ll find it embedded within every aspect of the business. When it comes to creating delicious vegan recipes, there’s no wavering from the ever-important mantra. You’ll find no fake meat in our pies, no way! Just delicious veggies with fantastic flavours.
Simple recipes they may be but never boring! In the world of over-processed vegan food, we like to think we stand out as a pioneer of natural goodness. Why add lots of nasties when nature provides all we need!
The definition of a pie: A comforting dish composed of pastry encasing a sweet or savoury fill! A crisp pastry stuffed with veggies and the perfect blend of spices and seasoning is all that is required to achieve a great dinner worthy of a toast on a Friday night 🥂🥧
vegan pie
Protein Packed
While soy has always been a primary source of plant-based protein for vegan meals, we tend to opt for less processed options; chickpeas, veggies and nuts provide protein for our pies and pasties.
Meaty texture
No one wants a mouthful of mush (not when you’re expecting a proper pie!). Who needs meat when you have a wonderful array of veggies providing great texture - mushrooms, jackfruit, butternut squash to name but a few!
mushroom pie
The Perfect Crunch
Pastry texture should never be compromised (a very serious offence - no one wants a soggy bottom!!). Our glorious wholemeal pastry has a nutty flavour and is perfectly crisp thanks to our genius pea glaze which has replaced egg glaze in all our pies after its discovery!
We believe it is our simple approach that has garnered us so many gongs in the last few years. The Veggie Awards 2023 have just been announced and we were delighted to win 5 awards for our vegan products, the Ruby Murray Veggie Curry pasty coming out on top with Gold and another 2 bakes getting silver and 2 bagging bronze.
Judge Katy Beskow said of our Ruby Murray Pasty, “Flaky, golden pastry surrounds gently spiced sweet potato, cauliflower, chickpeas and mango chutney. Generous filling, plenty of flavour. I loved this both hot and cold, as a lunch or supper, but will happily eat this pasty any time of the day!”
Veggie Awards 2023 Award Winners:
Ruby Murray Pasty
Spicy Jack Pie
Mushroom Stroganott Pie
Cheatin Cheeze Pasty
Veggie Tagine Pie
Take the Mushroom Stroganott pie... simplicity at its best! We blitz up cashew nuts with oat milk and season this to make a fabulous cream sauce.  Mushrooms are fried off with garlic and oil and the two parties are joined in culinary matrimony. So good it won Britain’s best Vegan Pie when it was hailed the champion of the vegan category in the march 23 British Pie Awards.
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