Spicy Jackfruit Pies

Hello to 2021! As we welcome in, what we now refer to as Veganuary, we introduce our sensational new Vegan Selection Box  along with our pie of the week - The Spicy Jack Pie.

We’ve been making great veggie pies and pasties for several years, taking our already award winning Chunki Roast Veg Pasty and tweaking the recipe so it was suitable for vegans back in 2018.

Also in 2018 we discovered JackFruit. A pretty unknown fruit at the time. Not a pretty fruit - fat, spiky and green, it wouldn’t look out of place animated and playing a bit part in Monsters, Inc.!

But we could see the opportunity. This funky fruit has a fairly neutral taste which makes it just ideal to take on flavours.

High in Vitamins B6 & C, a great source of both magnesium & potassium, it's fleshy texture makes it an ideal meat alternative. Think ..chicken..but more fibrous. We've created a fabulous, spicy curry recipe, with sweet spud, squash, red & green peppers, coconut milk and wrapped these tasty ingredients in our wholewheat pastry with turmeric (also super good for you) and topped with fennel seeds.

The Spicy Jack Pie 👍

Originally we made this as a veggie pie, but soon we realised that people wanted a tasty pie, and not just a veggie one, but that also one that happened to be vegan. So we sourced vegan soya cream and milk alternatives (coconut) to make this suitable for vegans. Not too tricky to do, and still tastes awesome - which is what we really aim to do here at Chunk. 

The recipe has been approved by the Vegetarian Society as Vegan, and has since won several top awards of which we’re very proud.

Taste of the West Gold 2020 - also nominated as champion runner up in the vegan category.

British Pie Awards Gold 2020

Taste of the West Gold 2019

British Pie Awards Bronze 2019

We want to make sure our vegan pies and pasties taste just as awesome as the ones we pack with meat and veggies - Our aim is to make great tasting pies, pasties - that everyone can enjoy.

Go on - take a chunk!