Summer Salads to Complement Your Pasty or Pie

Now that the sun has finally decided to grace us with its presence ☀️, we’re making the most of it by whipping up simple dinners to devour in the garden. Here are a few summery salads we gravitate to on warmer days to serve up with our favourite bakes. These colourful sides will dress up any beige plate and give your staples a summery twist!
Mexican Salsa
This salsa is the perfect accompaniment for our limited edition Ricardo Pie which has a scrumptious filling of chilli con carne and oodles of melted cheddar cheese. Whip up a simple Mexican salsa by combining corn, diced tomato, chopped fresh coriander, red onion and a bit of cumin. Then add a generous glug of olive oil and a sprinkling of sea salt and pepper. Scatter with chillies if you love a bit of spice. 🌶️🔥
Don’t forget the guacamole for dipping or slathering! Absolutely essential for any tex-mex dish, to make it mash up ripe avocados with lime juice, red onion, jalapeños (as much you can handle!), and some chopped tomato for an authentic and delicious dip.
Slaw is the Law
Red cabbage slaw is one of our favourites at Chunk, and something directors Simon and Suzi always tuck into with their pasties at home. For an extra kick of flavour, add some apple slices, carrot ribbons or chopped fennel to the red cabbage base. A creamy dressing of yoghurt or mayo and apple cider vinegar make this salad sing! This colourful purple number is best served with our Homity pie or a classic steak pasty.
Pasta Salad
If you've got a rumbling tum and need something a bit more filling then opt for a pasta salad to compliment your Roast Veg Pasty. Toss some cooked pasta in a spot of lemon dressing and add some black olives, green beans and cucumber slices.
Potato salad
Another satisfying dish, you can’t beat creamy potato salads on a hot summer’s day. Serve while the baby spuds are still warm so the dressing of lemon, crème fraiche, herbs and seasoning (add a small spoonful of mustard for oomph) soaks in. Plenty of dill or thyme give this dish bags of flavour. Add some celery if you like a bit of crunch. We suggest you serve this with a Steak Pasty (in fact there aren’t many things that don’t go well with a steak pasty!) or a Chicken, Leek & Bacon Pie.
Leafy Salad
If you’re more of a pie person, the Chicken mushroom and tarragon pie goes well with a simple leafy salad. Simply combine your favourite leaves with a few bits and dress with good-quality extra virgin olive oil to give your pie plate some life.
Tomato Salad
Combining different types and colours tomatoes – beef and cherry, and dressing with a simple vinaigrette and some basil leaves is a winner with a Cheddar and Onion pasty. The tangy tomato flavour and lovely red colour will complete your dinner.
Moroccan Salad
Our delicious Lamb Maroc pasty would work beautifully with a lively couscous-based salad. Throw in some raisins, chickpeas, carrots and spices and you’ve got an exotic dish to liven up your midweek meal repertoire.
Let us know if you whip up any of these or which your go-to salads are to eat with your pasties and pies.
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