Taste of America

Let’s not beat around the Bush, we have totally come up Trumps with our Taste of America range. It’s Truman… these are presidential level pies! Head to our Pies page to Biden now before they are Hoovered up.
Sorry Roosevelt and Eisenhower, it was tricky finding a play on words!
no but seriously, these limited edition USA-inspired pies are the best that money can PIE! For a winner of a dinner, we suggest you round them all up before they're gone.
Cheeseburger pie 🍔
Now, you may be thinking, “a burger in a pie?!” But hear us out! Cheddar cheese sandwiched between two beef patties, with homemade ketchup and a slice of gherkin (can't forget the gherkin!), wrapped up in our delicious, seeded pastry!
When this beauty was first concocted, the cooking technique took some trial and error. Simon knew that he wanted the layer of cheese to stand out but also wanted to stick to the Chunk code and use all-natural ingredients (veering away from the traditional plastic stuff in many cheeseburgers!). After several rounds of tasting (poor old us!) Simon and Marc perfected the quantity and shape of cheddar - a good sized quenelle, as well as the optimum cooking time to get it pie-fect!
 cheeseburger pie
Steak & Cheese Pie 🥩
Steak and cheese in a pie… need we say any more? This one is inspired by the Philly cheesesteak. If you're not familiar with it... essentially a long bread roll jam-packed with steak strips and cheese! This pie is stuffed full of chunks of British beef and a thick layer of cheddar cheese which oozes out as you take a bite! You cannot really go wrong with this classic combination of flavours and this pie makes a wonderful wholesome winter dinner with some chips and beans, trust us!
Steak and cheese pie

Mac & Cheese Pie 🧀
Pasta in a pie, you must be kidding?! No, we're most certainly not! This ludicrous carb-loading combination provides the ultimate comfort factor and just tastes so right! Creamy pasta with a few bits of bacon and cherry tomatoes, a hint of nutmeg and oodles of cheese stuffed into our brilliant buttery pastry. 
The Big Apple 🍎
Sweet appley goodness for pud! Our family-sized apple pie with a crisp shortcrust top is 8” across and brimming with sweet chunks of fruit in a caramel-inspired sauce. Lashings of custard or thick cream on top and you’re away!
American Pies 🗽
You can have a finger in every pie (quite literally if you wish!) and grab them all in our American Pies Box or just sample the ones you fancy most alongside your Chunk favourites. These guys are all limited-edition so you'd better be quick. You can bet your bottom dollar you'll love 'em!
Go on – take a Chunk!